Breast cancer awareness, prevention, and treatment efforts continue year-round. But in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we all join forces in spreading awareness on a massive scale. Not only does spreading awareness educate people about breast cancer and how to detect it, but it also triggers an increase in research funding, which leads to the development of new life-saving treatments. If you are a retailer searching for ways to spread awareness of breast cancer, you are in the right place! In this article, we will share with you 10 ways you can do your part in raising awareness of this devastating disease. 

1. Sell Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

During October, everyone will be donning their breast cancer gear. It is one of the most obvious ways that people show their support for the cause. And with such high demand for clothing items displaying the symbolic pink ribbon, it would be remiss not to offer breast cancer-themed items. 
Among the most popular breast cancer clothing items to sell are breast cancer awareness socks. After all, people wear them to work, while out on errands, and during breast cancer marathons and walks. Dedicated supporters also purchase them in bulk to distribute them during charity events. 
To minimize your initial investment, we recommend that you buy breast cancer awareness socks in bulk. You can then take things a step further by donating a portion of proceeds from the breast cancer socks to a charity of your choice! 

2. Share Breast Cancer Information on Social Media

Social media enables businesses everywhere to reach tons of people instantly. Leverage your business’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn to share breast cancer facts and resources with the masses. It can be as simple as sending an interesting one-sentence fact, a surprising statistic, or a helpful breast cancer prevention tip. A quick message with a link to a trusted breast cancer resource could also work well.

3. Use Signage to Spread Awareness

Social media is not the only way to spread awareness. Get creative by crafting a breast cancer awareness bulletin board or sign. It will draw attention to your business and share breast cancer information with passersby. Be sure to make the sign lively and attractive so it will be impossible to ignore. 

4. Distribute Flyers

During October, many breast cancer organizations put on events where experts speak about the fight against breast cancer, preventive measures, and more. Your business can do its part by downloading flyers for interesting breast cancer-related events and passing them out in the community. You could also hang them up or post them on your business website. 

5. Support a Breast Cancer Charity

It is one thing to share information about breast cancer charities and events, but it is another to make a donation yourself. Your business can raise money internally and then make a bulk donation to a charity benefiting breast cancer prevention or research. It takes a lot of capital to fund breast cancer research efforts, and business donations account for a significant portion of donations. 
Charity Watch is a great resource to use to locate a reputable charity. 

6. Participate in a Breast Cancer Event

There is no shortage of breast cancer walks, runs, and formal events in October, so why not get out and participate? Select a group of your business’s staff to attend an event of your choice. Browse the Susan G. Komen events page or the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides page to stay abreast of the biggest breast cancer events happening this October! 

7. Have a Pink Day at the Office

Whether your office has a physical location or not, you can show your support by encouraging staff and leadership to wear pink during work hours. Not only will it add a layer of fun to the office, but it is a clear sign of support for the cause. This works particularly well for employees that come in contact with customers. Clothing items like knee-high breast cancer socks, pink ribbon brooches, and pink shirts all create opportunities for conversations surrounding breast cancer awareness. 

8. Pink Up Your Logo

An overt way to raise awareness is to temporarily update your company logo - make it baby pink! When customers and partners see your pink logo, they will instantly think of breast cancer and may even be persuaded to get involved in fundraising or donation efforts. You do not have to change your logo everywhere; just update it on social media pages and on your website homepage for a day, week, or the entire month of October. 

9. Share Breast Cancer Information Internally

Not every form of breast cancer support needs to be widely publicized. You can spread awareness internally by passing out helpful breast cancer guides or resources to everyone in your office. You can also send out mass internal emails with links to breast cancer self-exam instructions, mammogram information, and more. Your employees may find it super helpful and share it with their family and friends. 

10. Have a Company Barbecue

You simply cannot go wrong with a barbecue. They are loads of fun and can be used as a teaching opportunity. Get some burgers and hotdogs on the grill and set up a presentation to educate employees and their families about breast cancer and how to show their support. To make a larger impact, you can live stream the presentation on social media outlets. Turn the barbecue into a fundraising event by charging each family an admission fee and then using the funds to make a donation to one or more breast cancer charities. 

With the above tips, you can make a real impact on the breast cancer landscape, whether it be through sharing helpful information, giving monetary donations, or pushing the pink aesthetic. We hope that this article is helpful to you and your business, giving you the information you need to make an impact internally and externally. Together, we can bring humanity one step closer to a breast cancer cure!