Having the right socks for your day is like having an awesome cup of coffee in the morning - they help get you ready and keep you going. Have you tried spandex socks? Spandex is a tight-fitting material that holds its shape and provides light compression. It’s typically woven into the ankle-band of most socks, but many pairs have more spandex throughout them than others. This allows socks to be stretchier and firm fitting, so keep this in mind if it’s something you’re looking for.


If you value having enough of everything, make sure your wardrobe contains enough pairs of spandex socks. There are a few different fabrics that will go into any good pair, and they’re sure to be as durable as they are form-fitting. 


Polyester Spandex Socks 


When you grab yourself a pair of brightly colored or patterned socks, you might love that they add that extra bit of fun to your day. Polyester fibers actually allow your socks to hold more of their color over time, so it preserves those awesome patterns. The structure of polyester woven into the sock allows for the dye to really set in, so you won’t have to worry about fading or bleeding colors with these. 


Polyester spandex socks are highly stain-resistant, and most often they’re a cheaper option, so white socks will stay white for much longer. When you grab yourself some socks of high quality like these, they can actually be softer than cotton or merino wool. They have enough moisture-wicking for adequate all-day wear without becoming uncomfortable. Polyester also dries much faster than cotton, so they aren’t going to get smelly as they absorb sweat. They’ll withstand repeated trips through the washer and dryer without losing their elasticity and shape. Your spandex socks are sure to last. 


Cotton Spandex Socks 


If you’re going for a more environmentally friendly approach, look no further than cotton-spandex socks. Cotton is usually compostable, making it an appealing option for your inner environmentalist. It’s got just enough absorbance to keep you sweat-free and enough breathability that you won’t feel overheated while you’re wearing them. 

Cotton is also great for people who have sensitive skin or allergies, as synthetic materials can often be counterproductive for these issues. If you have eczema, thin skin, or any kind of damaged skin, cotton-spandex socks are going to be useful.


If your socks are causing you irritation at noon and your day doesn’t end until six, you’re in for a long and frustrating afternoon. While polyester spandex socks may dry easier, cotton socks absorb the sweat a little better, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day.


These socks have a strong and lightweight material, so they’re bound to hold up for a long time when cared for with good practices. For a blend of different sizes in black classic cotton-spandex socks, check out Wholesale Sock Deals!


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