Move over black and white, teens want fun socks. But what kinds of crazy socks are hits with teenagers? The answer is obviously animal socks! “Paws” for a second and check this out. This is sure to be helpful whether you’re a store owner looking for wholesale sock deals or a parent looking to buy in bulk for your kids’ sleepover!


Sloths are cute, cuddly, and lazy. Kind of like a teenager, minus the cute and cuddly! Teens love sloths. One of the things I frequently hear when talking about how much they love sloths is a fun fact on how sloths mate: the female climbs a tree, hangs from it, and simply screams until a suitable mate approaches her. Teens can simply relate to sloths, and from where they stand, they’re both pretty dang cool.


Thanks to Doja Cat’s hit song “Mooo!,” teens can’t get enough of cows. Be it cow-print or cow faces, the industry is saturated in options. Blankets, hats, or socks, you’re sure to find something cow-themed that will please the trendy teen.


Blame it on the resurgence of Cowboy Bebop or blame it on the Queen, teens absolutely love corgis. Honestly, who can blame them? Short, silly, and loveable, corgis have some pretty great qualities that make them a hit with teens.

Frogs & Toads

Many teens love frogs. With the rise of micro styles such as cottagecore and goblincore, frogs, mushrooms, and other forest-themed fauna, flora, and fungi have risen to popularity. Most teens I’ve come in contact with prefer the drabber colored ones than a vibrant neon green frog, but that’s simply part of the aesthetic. Earth-toned colors with lots of frogs are the way to go for the naturalist teen.


Foxes are eternally “in.” They’re cute, playful, and very sly. They make adorable noises, and they’re often seen running across roads in residential areas. They’re basically tiny puppies, but wild enough for a teen to look at and say “yeah, they get me.”


Cute and prickly, hedgehogs have become a viral favorite in the age of the Internet. There are over 1.5 billion views under the #hedgehog tag on the video-sharing app TikTok alone. Since many teens say fall is their favorite season, hedgehogs mesh perfectly with the fall aesthetic (and socks go pretty well with fall, too).


Cats are fun, crazy, and the focus of many memes. While “I Can Haz Cheezeburger” is no longer a popular website, we’re not going to stop laughing at viral videos of cats being weird any time soon. Cats are a beloved icon of those who were raised with the Internet (and even those of us who weren’t).


Teens enjoy taking a walk on the wild side with this timeless classic. To freshen up the tried and true, try stocking in multiple colors! Popular colors amongst teens and tweens are teal, purple, and pink. Though I’m not a teen, my personal favorite leopard print is when the spots are rainbow, instead of the usual black. I think rainbow leopard print looks best against a black or grey background, but that’s just my opinion.


Zebra print is another timeless classic. Tried and true, this is a trend that likely won’t die out any time soon. I actually had a zebra-themed bedroom in middle school many moons ago! You can shake up the classics by adding colors to the regular black and white design, or you can be totally different and go with whole zebras, not just the print! Teens love to stand out and mark themselves as different from the crowd.

Hogwarts House Animals

Harry Potter might have come out over a decade ago, but there is still a cult following! There are four houses in Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Their corresponding animal mascots are lions, ravens, badgers, and snakes, respectively. Teens absolutely love repping their Hogwarts house, and with new movies and books coming from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there’s still a lot to love.

Before We Go

I have the theory that each teen has their own animal that they feel they can especially relate to. Growing up in the 2000s, mine was wolves. They were the coolest things at the time, and they separated me from the crowd just enough that I felt as if the whole school knew that wolves were my thing. When buying wholesale socks, stock up on different trendy animals. The teens will thank you. Do the bulk of your sock shopping here: