Summer is fast approaching and with it, all the fun water-related summer activities. Protect your family’s feet with aqua socks. Also known as wading socks, surf boots, and swimming socks, these specialized shoes are designed to protect your feet. Aqua socks and water socks are a little different from each other. 


They both meet the basic need of being long-lasting, water-durable shoes, but each have different uses. Either kind is useful to have stashed in your beach bag or camping kit for the summer. 

What is a Water Sock?

A water sock or water shoe is designed for walking in streams and rivers. They are also designed for water activities that include more than just swimming. They are normally a neoprene mesh top with a rubber sole to protect your feet. 


Water socks are fantastic for kids when playing with water at home as well. Running around a pool or backyard having a water balloon or super soaker fight can get quite slippery. The rubber sole provides grip, keeping kids from slipping and injuring themselves as they play. Take them along to your favorite water park for the same reason. They will also protect small feet from any bacteria growing on bathroom and changing room floors. We love water parks but not the risk of athlete’s foot or warts. 


Whole families will appreciate foot protection during a day at the beach. The warm sand can feel great at first but quickly becomes too hot for bare skin. Sharp rocks, seashells, and jellyfish also threaten to ruin the fun by hurting exposed toes. Relieve yourself of one less worry by gearing up everyone’s feet with water socks. 


For those who love to fish all summer, water socks are a great choice. You don’t have to worry about ruining shoes by getting them wet and muddy. Wade right into the water as you reel in that trout. This footgear is also great for boats. Avoid slipping and falling with the rubber soles while not having to worry about water damage.

What is an Aqua Sock?

Aqua socks are rubber sheaths that slip over your feet to keep them warm and protected while swimming and diving. They can be worn alone or in combo with water shoes. They are intended to prevent you from losing heat through your feet while in cold waters. Aqua socks are usually made from neoprene, rubber, or lycra. Some manufacturers design them with lining or minimized seams to avoid rubbing and irritation. The socks are also designed with light foam padding along the bottom for a layer of protection while walking. 


Some aqua socks are actually designed to keep your feet entirely dry. This can come in handy for people who spend long amounts of time in the water. Feet can become sensitive if wet for too long. 


Aqua socks are known for their durability. Users usually depend on them for several seasons of water activities. This is very helpful for families that want to hand down shoes from one kid to the next. Buying new pairs for every child gets expensive fast. Purchasing in bulk and passing it down the line of kids will help save money in the long run. 

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