benefits of diabetic socks

Diabetic foot care is a very important, but often overlooked, aspect of diabetes management. High glucose levels can cause damage to nerves and blood vessels, which often leads to poor circulation. Poor circulation affects the hands, feet, and legs more than other parts of the body. As a result, diabetics are often at greater risk of foot injury or foot infection than most people.


One of the simplest forms of at-home remedies to this problem is to wear diabetic socks. Diabetic socks are specially crafted to help those with diabetes in several essential ways. So what are diabetic socks, exactly? And what are the benefits of diabetic socks?

What Do Diabetic Socks Do?

Diabetic socks are designed to accomplish several things to reduce health risks and complications associated with diabetes. It’s important to note that diabetic socks are not a prescription item. Anybody can wear diabetic socks and enjoy their benefits. However, they are designed with people who have diabetes in mind. In particular, diabetic socks provide compression, moisture transfer, as well as better comfort and traction. 


As mentioned, poor circulation is a relatively common problem for people with diabetes. Compression garments are commonly prescribed as a way to improve circulation. These socks work by gently squeezing the blood vessels to prevent swelling and blood from pooling. This, in turn, makes it easier for blood to flow back to the heart from the feet and legs.


Poor circulation can cause tingling or loss of sensation in the feet. This can make it difficult to notice injuries, and also affects balance. The best diabetic socks will combat this by offering light compression to improve blood flow.


Diabetic socks often come in a variety of lengths for added compression in the calves and ankles.

Moisture Transfer

Damp feet increase the risk of foot injuries and infections such as cellulitis, myositis and more, which diabetics are already at greater risk of developing. As such, it is more important for people with diabetes to protect their feet from moisture than most people. Diabetic socks are typically made from materials with good moisture-wicking properties for this reason. Materials like wool, acrylic, and polyester are great at transferring moisture away from the feet.

Improved Comfort

Constrictive socks can restrict blood flow if they are too tight. In addition, rough materials or seams in socks can also dig into the skin, causing blisters or small wounds. But without proper care, these minor injuries can turn into infections for diabetics.


Diabetic socks on the other hand, protect against skin irritation and discomfort. Most diabetic socks are made from soft, comfortable, and seamless materials with no restrictive elastic band. They also typically have padded soles for better protection for the bottom of the feet.

Better Traction

Poor circulation or foot injuries can cause issues with balance and traction. Some diabetic socks are manufactured with rubber grippers on the bottom for better traction on smooth or slick surfaces. Of course, this feature is only necessary if you are wearing socks indoors without shoes on. But in these situations, improved traction can be a small, but important benefit of a diabetic sock.

What Are the Best Diabetic Socks?

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Best Diabetic Socks for Men

For the best diabetic socks for men, check out these loose-fit quarter-ankle socks from Yacht & Smith. These socks have added cushion and a non-constrictive ankle band, and are made from highly breathable cotton fabric.


If you would prefer a longer diabetic sock, Yacht & Smith also makes a soft cotton diabetic crew sock. These socks offer the same benefits, but provide more coverage for the calf and ankle. These diabetic crew socks will fit most men’s shoe sizes.

Best Diabetic Socks for Women

For great diabetic socks for women, Yacht & Smith has plenty more variety, including these non-binding cotton ankle socks. Made from a soft cotton blend and spandex, these are highly breathable, with good moisture transfer properties. With added cushioning and compression, these diabetic socks for women offer plenty of great benefits. 


These high-quality women’s diabetic socks fit women’s shoe sizes from 5 to 10. The quality material means they will last wearers a long time, offering great value as well as protection.

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