Best Backpacks for High School


Back-to-school season can be both an anxious and exciting time for parents and children alike. Among the many concerns for beginning a new school year are picking out new clothes, school supplies, and of course, backpacks. Most students bring a backpack to school every day to carry their books, homework, and any other essential items. 


While a backpack is an important and practical item, it’s also a fashion accessory. A backpack is something that will be worn every day at school, whether throughout the day or for just a few minutes. As such, there is a lot that goes into choosing the best backpack for school each year. For most students, their backpack needs to be both functional and fashionable. 


To help make this year’s search for the perfect backpack easier, here’s a look at some of the best backpacks for high school students.

What To Look For in a Backpack

As mentioned, there are several things to look for when choosing the perfect backpack. Backpacks are neither just a fashion item nor just a utility. They are both of these things at once. When choosing the perfect backpack, here are some of the most fundamental factors to consider.


A backpack that’s large enough to fit all of a student’s books, notebooks, and other essential school supplies is a must-have. But there is such a thing as having a backpack that’s too big. An oversized backpack can be awkward to carry around all day. 


For younger children especially, an overfilled and too-big backpack can cause back troubles and poor posture. This is less of a concern as children get older, but even high schoolers should avoid oversized backpacks. A backpack should ideally cover most of the wearer’s back, from the shoulders to just above the waist.


A backpack’s fabric is important for style, comfort, and durability. A flimsy backpack made from cheap material might not even last through the entire school year. Some fabrics can also be less comfortable to wear or less water resistant, which can cause its own problems. 


Most backpacks are made from either nylon, canvas, or polyester. Nylon backpacks are sturdy and water-resistant. The only major downside is their lack of breathability, which can cause mildew growth if exposed to moisture.

However, canvas backpacks are very durable and water-resistant, which has helped this material remain a favorite for many years.


Lastly, polyester is less durable than other fabrics but offers better UV resistance, which can help in sunny areas.


For some students, one main pocket is enough for their backpack. But for others, having access to one or more external pockets is also nice for additional storage space. Be sure to factor in the number of separate storage compartments available on each backpack when shopping for the right bag this year.


Style is the most subjective factor to consider when choosing a backpack. Every high school student has their own style, and their backpack should reflect that. Color, patterns, size, and fabric can all factor into the style preferences of a student’s backpack choice.

Best Backpacks for High School Boy: The Details

This 19-inch Dual Strap Daisy Chain backpack is the perfect accessory and one of the best backpacks for high school boys this year. This backpack is sturdy, with multiple spacious compartments, including a laptop sleeve and two side pockets. 


For high school students with a lot to carry, this bag gets the job done. It’s also durable and spacious enough to join high school students on their journey to college following graduation.


For a bolder stylistic choice, these 18-inch multi-pocket backpacks with patches are a unique choice. The simple canvas fabric and unique patches give it a vintage look. But the padded straps and ample pocket space make it highly functional as well.

Breaking Down the Best Backpacks for High School Girl

Either of the backpacks mentioned above could also make a great choice for high school girls. Both are highly functional, durable, and comfortable, making them suitable for all high school students. But for another option, you might also consider these 18-inch assorted color backpacks with multiple front pockets. 


These bags have an understated style that can fit any student’s aesthetic preferences, thanks to the color variety. And with multiple spacious front pockets, students will have room for everything they need during the school day.

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