You think of running and running equipment, and you might think that the shoe makes the runner. What you need is a solid shoe that will get the job done. And you would be right. But there’s no reason to stop there. A common mistake that a runner can make is to not put the same level of attention into the kind of sock that they should be using. And the degree to which that decision will impact your experience will knock your socks off! Jokes aside, though, it’s an extremely important decision to make, as the relationship between your shoes, socks, and feet need to work in harmony to prevent excessive fatigue and injury. If you’re an avid runner, then you know that the socks you choose to run in are just as important as the sneakers. When choosing the perfect running sock, one must consider several things. Style, functionality, and cost all contribute to the decision of getting the most out of your running sock. I am personally of the mindset that you don’t need to buy luxury brands to get the most out of your running socks, and you can find some hidden gems in the places you least expect (if you know where to look). Here are our top picks for the best socks for running!

1.      Premium Athletic Socks

These multicolored crew socks are engineered to support the wearer’s arch, which reduces foot fatigue. Made from a polyester blend which supports breathability, these athletic socks have a microbial finish to reduce odor and have a reinforced toe and heel to prolong the sock’s life. Buy them wholesale here:  120 Wholesale Premium Athletic Socks Size Medium in Assorted Colors - at -

2.      Men’s Lightweight Ankle Socks, Printed Performance Athletic Socks

These awesome cotton blend ankle socks are sure to enhance performance. Comfortable and breathable, these are the perfect go-to option for a morning jog or workout. Moisture-wicking material guarantees comfortable wear all day, regardless of what you’re doing! Buy these running socks wholesale here:  60 Wholesale Mens Light Weight Ankle Socks, Printed Performance Athletic Socks Size 10-13 - at -

3.      Girl’s Athletic Ankle Socks

Girls like to run, too! And just like everyone else, they need a running sock that is reinforced at the toe and heel and wicks moisture away. Coming in five separate varieties, this is sure to please the young shopper who loves to run. Buy them wholesale here: 120 Wholesale Girl's Athletic Ankle Socks - Solid Colors Size 6-8 - at -

4.      Women’s 2 Pair Elite No Show Athletic Performance Socks

When it comes to running socks, you can’t go wrong with a no-show. Practical yet stylish, these come in an array of many different colors. When buying these wholesale, you have the option to choose between two case sizes: 48 or 96. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, click here to shop: 48 Wholesale Women’s 2 Pair Elite No Show Athletic Performance Socks Size 9-11 - at -

5.      Yacht & Smith Men’s Soft Cotton Athletic Crew Socks, Terry Cushion

When it comes to style and image, there are few things that look as athletic as wearing crew socks with shorts. And, if you’re running through nature, this helps prevent ticks! These sleek black cushioned crew socks work to absorb the moisture and the cushion helps to absorb shock, an important feature when shopping for running socks. Buy them wholesale here: 60 Wholesale Yacht & Smith Men’s Soft Cotton Athletic Crew Socks, Terry Cushion, Sock Size 10-13 Black - at -

Racing for the Best

Socks for running are very tricky to shop for. It all boils down to personal preference, what kind of performance you desire from the sock, and a lot of trial and error. You and your running socks work as a team, helping to cross the finish line while keeping your feet clean and dry, helping to eliminate the risk of athlete’s foot or toenail fungus. Luckily, we have the perfect starting place that will get you off to the races in no time. And if you need to buy running socks and guarantee that you will have a reliable, quality supply, the best way to start is to shop wholesale. You can do the bulk of your shopping here and get out there in no time: Wholesale Socks Deals Offers Wholesale Socks Lots, Wholesale Bulk Socks Deals, Bulk Sock Closeouts At Lowest Wholesale Prices (