Best T Shirts to Buy In Bulk

Buying T-shirts in bulk can be trickier than it first seems. If you’re shopping for a large group of people, finding wholesale T-shirts that come in a suitable range of sizes is important. Similarly, buying bulk T-shirts that are made from cheap material, or aren’t available in the colors you want, can be a problem. There are a lot of reasons to wear
T-shirts, but they are unfortunately not a one-size-fits-all product. 


Here is some advice and recommendations for anyone looking to buy T-shirts in bulk.

Why Buy T-Shirts in Bulk?

T-shirts for Team or Event

There are several reasons why somebody might buy T-shirts in bulk. One of the most common reasons, though, is buying T-shirts for a team or event. In these cases, the T-shirts should be pretty consistent, especially in color. 


For team events, having a uniform color is usually a must for bulk-order T-shirts. Ordering T-shirts in multiple sizes will always be essential for events, however. You want to make sure that everyone in attendance is able to wear a T-shirt that fits them. 


For other events, having a variety of colors to choose from may also be preferred.

Reselling for T-shirt Business

One of the simplest ways to make money with your own online business is to start your own T-shirt business. Print-on-demand T-shirt businesses are particularly popular, as they allow shoppers to order their own custom-design T-shirts for low prices. 


For T-shirt businesses, it is much easier and more cost-effective to buy all of their inventory in bulk. Having a variety of colors and sizes is very important if you want your T-shirt business to succeed. So is having good quality shirts that won’t shrink or deteriorate during routine care.


Buying shirts in bulk for your business saves time as well as money. Rather than shopping around for shirts individually, you can get all of your inventory needs taken care of at once. This leads to greater profits and better time management all around.

Cheaper Than Buying Shirts Individually

Sometimes, an individual might buy a supply of T-shirts in bulk simply because it’s cheaper than buying those shirts individually. Maybe you have a certain type of shirt that you like to wear regularly. Plain white T-shirts have been a casual fashion staple for decades, for instance. 


If you’re looking to stock up on your own personal T-shirt supply, buying in bulk is more cost-effective.

Best T-Shirts to Buy In Bulk

Mixed Color Cotton T-Shirts

These mixed color cotton men's shirts are perfect for T-shirt businesses or for anyone looking to make T-shirts for an event. The variety of colors allows for maximum customization for printed or custom-design shirts. Having a variety of colors to choose from is essential for any T-shirt business owner.


The cotton fabric of these T’s also makes them well-suited for any occasion. They are light and stylish enough for casual outerwear in the summer. Not to mention, they are breathable enough to be worn to the gym or as an undershirt in colder weather. These T’s will fit most men and are pre-shrunk so that they will last long and never lose their fit.

Men’s Cotton Short-Sleeve White T-shirts

It’s hard to go wrong with a plain white cotton T-shirt. The plain white cotton T is perfect for summer wear or the perfect undershirt for any occasion. Simple, breathable, and comfortable, there is always room in any wardrobe for plain white T-shirts.


That is also why these are a must-have for businesses and event organizers. A plain white T is a must-have. But a white T-shirt is also a blank canvas for custom designs to suit any style. While you won’t find as much versatility as with mixed-color T’s, plain white cotton T-shirts will never go out of style.

Men’s Cotton Crew Neck Short Sleeve Black T-shirts

While not quite as classic as a white T-shirt, a plain black cotton T-shirt is still every bit as essential. Black T-shirts are also a bit easier to care for in some ways because stains are less noticeable on darker fabrics.


A plain black cotton T-shirt is suitable for just about any purpose. Again, T-shirt vendors should absolutely stock up on this basic item. The unique appeal of a custom-designed black T-shirt makes them of the best-selling items for many online T-shirt stores. But even a simple, plain black T has endless uses as outerwear or as an undershirt.

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