Bulk T Shirts for Printing

Starting a print-on-demand business is a very attractive option for entrepreneurs looking for low-investment ways to make money online. This business model allows customers to order custom print designs on fabrics from a retailer. The most common product sold by print-on-demand businesses is T-shirts. Custom print T-shirts have limitless applications and are always in high demand. The investment to run your own print-on-demand business is also relatively low.


One thing you will need, however, is a steady supply of blank T-shirts. Buying T-shirts in bulk is the easiest way to keep your inventory well-stocked when running a business. If you’re looking to buy bulk T-shirts for printing, here is everything you should know.

Qualities to Look For When Buying Bulk T-Shirts for Printing


T-shirts bought in bulk should be made from quality materials that are both durable and versatile. Most of the time, wholesale T-shirts are made from cotton or a cotton blend. This is because cotton is long-lasting, cooling, and moisture-wicking. 


Cotton T-shirts can be worn during any season and won’t deteriorate too quickly. They can even be worn as athletic wear because of their ability to wick away sweat. Most cotton T-shirts are also sold pre-shrunk so that they won’t change size in the wash.


Speaking of size, this is also very important for bulk T-shirts. If you’re buying bulk T-shirts for printing, you want to be able to cater to a wide variety of people. This means having shirts that come in all different sizes. You may need to order bulk T-shirts separately by size, but this is still easier than buying individual shirts.


Having a variety of colors matters a lot when buying bulk T-shirts for printing. If customers are ordering shirts from you, they will want to be able to pick their own preferred colors. But a few colors are especially important to have in high volume. Black and white T-shirts, for example, are always the most popular. Having good quality black or white T-shirts for printing is therefore incredibly important to any business. But other colors, like red, green, or blue, will also be in high demand.


The cost to buy wholesale T-shirts will vary based on several factors. Where the supplier is located, T-shirt materials, and the supplier’s own price points all influence how much you spend. 


Finding a bulk T-shirt supplier who can provide quality T-shirts for lower costs is, obviously, very important. The better the price points, the less you can spend and the more you will make. Other factors, like customer service and shipping times, are also important when it comes to choosing a wholesale T-shirt supplier.

Where to Buy Bulk T-shirts for Printing

Now that you know what to look for in bulk T-shirts, you may be wondering where to find them. There are plenty of places you can go to look for wholesale T-shirt distributors. But, as mentioned, finding a distributor that provides the best combination of products and cost-effectiveness is very important.


Wholesale Sock Deals carries a large inventory of high-quality T-shirts that are great for printing. Our bulk deals and convenient shipping offers provide unbeatable value for anyone in need of bulk T-shirts. Here are some of the best bulk T-shirts for printing available from Wholesale Sock Deals.

Plain White & Black Cotton Short-Sleeve T-shirts

Plain white and plain black T-shirts will always be the most in-demand shirts for printing. These plain T-shirts are a great blank canvas to add any custom-printed design to. They are made from 100% pure cotton and are pre-shrunk, meaning they will last a very long time. These cotton shirts are easy to maintain, durable, and can be worn for any occasion. And with a wholesale unit price of just $2.25 per shirt, it’s hard to top the value of these plain cotton T’s.

Plus Size T-shirts

As mentioned, buying T-shirts in a variety of sizes is important when shopping in bulk. Wholesale Sock Deals also offers bulk plus-size white and black T-shirts that are great for printing. These XXL plain cotton T’s offer a great fit for plus-size bodies so that your custom prints can be worn by more people. These plus-size T’s still offer tremendous value as well, with a wholesale unit price of just $2.50.


Be sure to check out Wholesale Sock Deals for great bulk deals on a wide variety of other items, too. Wholesale Sock Deals’ warehouses stock everything from shirts to socks to home and office supplies. No matter what you need, WSD’s wholesale offers provide unbeatable value for quality products.