Sometimes it feels like buying wholesale is a little over the top. Sure it’s cheaper per item, but who needs to buy 80 t-shirts at one time? For one person, that is overboard. We believe there are situations, though, that call for buying in bulk. 


Buying wholesale t-shirts allows you to make large orders without breaking the bank. The individual item cost is a fraction of retail costs. It is far more economical to buy in bulk than to buy individual shirts at a normal price. Especially if you actually need that many shirts. Here are a few situations that would warrant buying t-shirts wholesale. 

Team T Shirts

Whether it’s a church softball league, a disc golf tournament, or a local soccer team, shirts can get pricey. Getting an adequate number of t-shirts at a reasonable price can be difficult. A solid color adult t-shirt can cost upwards of ten dollars or more at retail prices. For a soccer team of ten players on the field and extras on the sidelines, that is over 100 dollars in shirts, not including tax. Buying in bulk allows you to get a large number of shirts at a lower price, saving money for logos.


Many charitable organizations give their volunteers a free t-shirt to clearly indicate their volunteer status. Purchasing wholesale assists companies with saving money where they can. Quality t-shirts for your team don’t have to be expensive. 

Shirts for School

School field trips are a great reason to buy t-shirts in bulk. With a bus teeming with children streaming into their field trip destination, someone is bound to get lost. Brightly colored solid shirts stand out better in a crowd, allowing leaders to keep an eye on their students. Add a splash of fun by allowing each student to personalize their shirt with markers or fabric paint. 


Spice up the school’s pep rally by offering t-shirts with your team’s mascot. Buying in bulk keeps prices reasonable. You can purchase shirts and decals and sell them to your student body at a lower price than if you paid the retail price. Make school spirit more accessible by purchasing in bulk.


Wholesale shirts are also great clothing protectors in art class. The inexpensive individual price pays off very quickly by saving student’s school clothes from glue and paint. Even the most careful student has accidents. Keep cozy, oversized shirts on hand to protect even the messiest kid’s clothing. 

Event Shirts

If you need shirts for an occasion, we can supply them. Your staff can have matching shirts during an event without spending hundreds of dollars on a coordinating look. Shirts are also a great welcome gift or door prize for retreats and conferences of all kinds. Make your own merchandise for a steal by purchasing wholesale. You don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, so everyone will be happy with the caliber of their apparel. 


You won’t have to worry about cost of shirts for large family reunions, either. Decal kits are easily accessible in the age of DIY. It’s not too difficult to save by buying wholesale and decking out your own shirts. Buy all one color or get a mixed batch so family members can choose their favorite colors. 

Wholesale Sock Deals

Buying t-shirts in bulk is made easy with Wholesale Sock Deals. WSD offers wholesale shirt deals in all colors and sizes. Short sleeve and long, V neck or crew neck, we even carry tank tops. For all your bulk shirt order needs, Wholesale Sock Deals has you covered. Check out our long-sleeve, assorted color, 72 shirt pack, and many other bulk t-shirt offers on our website.