The holiday season is a time of joy, warmth, generosity, and of course, gift-giving. Christmas socks may be the reigning champ when it comes to festive holiday gifts or party favors. But have you ever considered the dozens of unique accessories that also show off your holiday spirit? These accessories and gifts are perfect whether you’re attending a party or are looking to spread holiday cheer for the sake of it. Show off your festive flare with these awesome accessories.

Step Up Your Holiday Game With These Christmas Accessories 

  1. Christmas Light Necklace

Nothing screams “Christmas” quite like colorful lights. Although we often attribute brightly-colored lights to trees or houses, we can also adorn ourselves with some of our own! This Christmas Light Necklace is perfect for parties, gatherings, or to give out as party favors. Impress your guests and fellow party-goers with this unique accessory. Christmas light necklaces are the next ugly Christmas sweater. You heard it here, first.

  1. Christmas Socks

Christmas socks are undeniably a Christmas staple. There’s nothing quite like cozying up with holiday socks on Christmas morning. They’re also the perfect gift for coworkers or acquaintances, and great to include in a gift basket. Consider bulking up on cozy Christmas socks this season, and spread the holiday cheer far and wide!

  1. Fuzzy Christmas Socks

Take your average Christmas sock a step further, and you’ve got fuzzy Christmas socks. These Yacht & Smith fuzzy socks are emblematic of the warmth and tenderness of the holiday season. Accessorize your Christmas garb with these furry favorites, and you’ll undoubtedly spread holiday cheer wherever you go.

  1. Christmas Windmill Wands

How can you not love these light-up Christmas accessories? These windmill wands are the perfect party favor, and they’ll be a favorite amongst the kids. They make music, show off dazzling holiday colors, and display a smiling Santa to top it off. You can’t go wrong with Christmas windmill wands this holiday season.

  1. Walking Holiday Dogs

It doesn’t get any cuter than this with these walking holiday dogs. These tiny little treasures come fully equipped with both light and sound. Give your party guests or loved ones a treat with these Christmas pups. These walking holiday dogs will inevitably deliver a healthy dose of holiday joy.

Heartfelt and Unique Gifts Like Christmas Hair Accessories

If you’re looking to show someone how much you care this holiday season, these heartfelt gifts and accessories are sure to impress. These Christmas gifts say “I’m thinking of you,” and also add a dash of unique holiday flare. Consider teddy bears, hats, fabulous adult gifts, picture frames, party favors, and so much more.

  1. Christmas Teddy Bear

Picture this: waking your child or loved one up with a warm, fuzzy, and inviting plush bear on Christmas morning. These adorable bears with Santa hats are a sweet giveaway for a raffle, party, or in a company gift basket. Give these soft bears a squeeze, and you’ll undoubtedly feel the love that comes with the Christmas season.

  1. Felt Christmas Santa Claus Hats

Christmas hair accessories like these felt Santa Claus hats are bound to make a statement at any holiday gathering. These hats are perfectly paired with a sweater and sock combo, too! Show off your spirit with these funky and festive hats.

  1. Christmas Stocking Pen

For teachers this holiday season, many struggle to find the perfect items to give away in their holiday goody bags. These Christmas stocking pens are the perfect addition. Give your students a perfectly-festive writing accessory and show them how much you appreciate their hard work. These pens are not only adorable, but they’re highly functional, too!

  1. Fun Christmas Wine Glasses

At your next holiday gathering, serve mulled wine, holiday cider, or a classic red in these eye-catching glasses. Nothing says “Christmas party” quite like wine! These sparkly wine goblets are an awesome way to get the party started. This is a fabulous party favor for adult holiday parties, too! Fill the glass with Christmas goodies like candy canes and cookies for an added bonus!

  1. Cute Christmas Picture Frames

Show the people in your life how much you care with these super sweet picture frames. These foam frames fit up to three 2-inch photos. Include photos from Christmas past, or put in present ones to enjoy during Christmas future. Photos commemorate the beauty of the holidays. Make your memories last a lifetime with these festive frames.

Find Festive Christmas Accessories 

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the holidays this season. Find the perfect Christmas accessories for you and your loved ones at Wholesale Sock Deals. Save money, time, and unnecessary trips to the store this holiday season. Stock up on all of your holiday favorites and get ahead of the shopping craze. We have what you need!