Lots of clothes pins for lots of uses

When we think of clothes pins, often we envision old-fashioned drying lines with bed sheets billowing in the breeze. With the invention of the modern dryer, clotheslines and pins are used by less of the population. Yet still, the clothes pin lives on. 


It’s believed clothes pins were invented in the 1700s by a small population of Quakers called Shakers. Originally called clothes pegs, the name changed to clothes pins during the19th century. The U.S. patent office issued almost 150 different patents for clothes pins between the years of 1800 and 1900. In 1887, Solon Moore invented the pins we still use today. Beyond the intended function, clothes pins have many uses that make them a useful product to keep around. It is surprising how such a simple, unassuming invention continues to be valuable, beyond even what the inventor had planned. 

Clothes Pin Kid Crafts

One of the most common uses for clothes pins, aside from their intended use, is for crafting with kids. Wooden or plastic, these handy little inventions have become a staple in many craft rooms and closets. From butterflies to Christmas trees, and even candle holders, clothes pins are an extremely versatile craft item. 


We recommend buying your pins in bulk. Save time by having plenty on hand for when you need them. That way you don’t have to make unnecessary trips to the store to get craft items. Clothes pins are easily found in stores but buying them wholesale online will help save money. Craft items are expensive enough, enjoy having these supplies at a reasonable price. 

Clothing Pins Notice Boards

Instead of using thumbtacks and push pins, use clothes pins to hold and protect your items. This keeps anything from getting punctured, preserving essential or special papers. The clothes pins are extremely versatile in this aspect. Attach magnets to one side of the pins and use them to hold pictures on the fridge or glue them straight to a bulletin board. 


Brighten up the pins by painting or decorating them to your personal preference. Wood or plastic, clothes pins are a wonderful convenience. They’re such a simple little invention that has so many uses. The wood is a great surface for painting and takes glue really well for crafting. Theme your notice board any way you want by transforming your clothes pins into works of art. 

Other Great Uses

Clothing pins are perfect for securing items non-permanently. Oftentimes we want to close a bag or hold an item in place just temporarily, and clothes pins fit the bill. Secure a table cloth to a table or close a chip bag with the versatile little pins. 

These useful gadgets are also fantastic for rainy day fort building with kids. Use flat sheets and clothes pins to make a fun indoor fort. It encourages imagination, teamwork, and problem solving. The pins ensure that everything is easily taken down and put away at the end of play time. 


A clever laundry project with clothes pins is creating a lonely sock station. Using a large picture frame, take off the back and the glass and string wire or twine from one side to the other. Hang it on the wall and clothes pin single socks waiting for a match to the wire. Many people have gotten hilariously creative with this idea labeling it as “Lonely socks looking for a match,” or “Free Dobby.” One of the best ways to lighten the burden of chores like laundry is to find ways to laugh while doing it. 

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