If you have trouble telling the difference between crew socks and tube socks, you’re not the only one! While they can sometimes look similar from the outside of the shoe, they are in fact each different designs of their own. Each unique shape has its own purpose. While tube socks aren’t quite as popular, they’re quickly becoming a staple in our closets again. Let’s look at some of the differences between the crew sock and the tube sock.


Comparing Crew Socks to Tube Socks


Tube socks are true to their name, no jokes here. When you look at a tube sock, the shape is a tube. Tube socks are often longer and are sometimes mistaken with plain knee socks. They usually come in fun patterns and often have a ring around the top near the elastic. They come in handy for colder weather since they can keep your calves warm. Tube socks on the other hand can go on either foot interchangeably for maximum convenience. 


Crew socks have enough length that you won’t show your leg when your pants hike up a bit, and there are a lot of different styles for both men and women. More often than not, crew socks will have colored heels and an indentation to contour your heel. Sometimes they’ll have a label for each foot with different colors on the heel. In those cases, the socks are conveniently woven specifically for each foot. 


You wouldn’t want to wear tube socks in a formal setting. That’s where crew socks are going to be your go-to. If you’re heading to an interview, out on a date, or to any sort of fancy event, tube socks will probably be too casual. Crew socks can have a more professional and clean-cut appearance, so they’re good to utilize for crisp aesthetics. 

Utilize each of the different styles at the right times, and you’ll be a sock master! 


The Humble Return of Tube Socks 


During the lockdown, the ‘90s themed styles started trending. That’s right around when we saw the sudden return of the tube sock, so it makes sense! History repeats itself, and that’s true for fashion as well. We’re used to the crew socks, with their reliable shapes and comfortable designs, but the tube sock is rising on the trend leaderboards. A few years ago, these socks would have been considered bulky and awkward, and they’re now being casually worn as a style piece by Instagram influencers.


Lucky for you, you can score a surplus of both of these sock types for less than retail price when you buy in bulk. 


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