dhgate vs alibaba

Both Alibaba and DHGate have massive international user bases, though they are both based in China. For entrepreneurs looking to sell products online, choosing the right wholesaler is an important step in the process. So, when looking at Alibaba vs DHGate, how do they each stack up? What are their advantages and disadvantages, and how do they compare to Wholesale Sock Deals?

Alibaba vs DHGate: History and Comparison


Alibaba was founded in 1999 in the city of Hangzhou as a B2B retail provider. In the two decades since, it has grown into one of the largest and most successful e-commerce platforms in the world. Today, Alibaba sells millions of products to customers all around the globe.


Alibaba’s product offering is massive, selling everything from food, to electronics, to toys, and even scrap metal and industrial machinery. Users can find just about any type of supplier they want on Alibaba.


DHGate was founded in Beijing in 2004. However, it is named for the city of Dunhuang, which was a major stop along the Silk Road through the middle ages. Its name, therefore, compares the company to a modern-day Silk Road, where merchants can buy and sell goods from all over the world.


DHGate, like Alibaba, offers an extremely broad inventory of products. However, DHGate’s inventory is more exclusively geared toward everyday or personal products. While you won’t find industrial equipment on DHGate, you can find everything from clothes to decor to musical instruments. 

Alibaba vs. DHGate: Pros and Cons

Alibaba Pros

The most noteworthy benefit of buying products from Alibaba is their enormous inventory and affordable prices. Alibaba is great if you are new to selling online and looking to get started. They even offer discounted rates for new customers


Alibaba also offers an excellent Trade Assurance policy if you are unsatisfied with a shipment. Many users can receive full refunds if they have any problem with their products.

Alibaba Cons

One of the biggest problems to watch out for when buying on Alibaba is potential scammers. Some “sellers” will create false or misleading listings on the site, and sell cheap or defective products, or entirely different products than what is listed. Alibaba works hard to combat this trend in several ways, including its Trade Assurance policy.


Other than the potential for fraud, shipping is sometimes inconvenient on Alibaba. This is simply a matter of geography, as products shipping from China take a while to reach other countries.

DHGate Pros

Like Alibaba, one advantage of DHGate is its huge inventory of products. DHGate also typically offers products at lower rates than other major wholesale providers.


In addition to that, DHGate is also known for its exceptional customer service. This applies both to customer complaints, and seller responses to questions about products or orders.


DHGate also offers discounts to new accounts, offering up to 50% off on some purchases.

DHGate Cons

DHGate does not have a major problem with fraudulent sellers like Alibaba. However, some sellers do sell replica or knock-off products, which may be of lesser quality.


Another slight disadvantage of DHGate is that its inventory is not as expansive for niche items. This can be fairly limiting for a lot of online sellers, as these types of products are usually highly profitable.

How do Alibaba and DHgate Compare to Wholesale Sock Deals?

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