You might be surprised at the variations for the popular sock - the crew sock. We’re going to take a quick minute to appreciate all the different kinds of crew socks and the purposes they serve in your wardrobe. Men’s and women’s sock shopping experiences can be very different since there are so many differences in the pants and shoes they each wear. Regardless, you can be confident that
Wholesale Sock Deals can provide you with exactly that: a great deal on some bulk sock orders. Read on to keep up with this engaging discussion about crew sock lengths!


When you break it down, crew socks actually tend to be worn mainly in 3 different styles.

  • Quarter crew - These fall right on the bottom half of the shin, essentially just a few inches above the ankle. 

  • Classic crew - Usually reach to just below the middle of the calf, a little higher than the quarter but still not covering the whole calf. 

  • Mid-calf- They end up directly in the middle of the calf, higher than the classic crews but not quite yet a knee sock. 


Crew Socks Women Will Love


When women rock crew socks, they’re usually hidden underneath jeans or some other pair of pants. They’re easily worn casually, but they can also be worn formally depending on what pants are chosen. Crews are absolutely the most popular length of socks, probably because they’re usually thicker fabric, durable, and don’t sink down into shoes no matter what you’re wearing. They can also be worn over jeans to show off any pattern or emblem stitched in. 


Women are more likely to shy away from tall white crew socks, opting instead for shorter options when they wear them. They’re good to wear with booties since they’re about the same height. Complimenting colors are sure to land a couple of compliments if you wear them well. 


No matter the occasion, it can be useful to have a variety of crew socks at your disposal. They’re great to break out in both colder and warmer environments since they’re usually not too tall and typically come with moisture-wicking benefits.

You can be sure you’ll never go cold-footed when you’re wearing these gray crew socks. The color can go with anything, so they’re super versatile, and when cared for properly, they’ll hold up for a long time. 


Crew Socks Men Won’t Run Out Of 


While the style is popular in both genders, men are definitely more likely to be caught wearing classic white crew socks with their sneakers or slides. They provide enough coverage to wear with boots when necessary without getting bunched up or sticking out. Crew socks for men usually have a cushioned option, which provides a little extra comfort throughout the day without having to opt for an insole for your shoes. This can save you money while also making it that much easier to be on your feet for long periods of time. 


If you have a job in which you’re standing for long periods of time, you might have a lot of crew socks on hand. With immense amounts of use, any sock can tear, and no one wants to wander around with a toe sticking out of the top of their sock. When you buy wholesale, you can save yourself or the special man in your life from having to wear the sock with holes in it. Any day can start off a little rocky when your socks aren’t in good shape. Bulk deals to the rescue! You’ll never worry about straggling toes again when you know you have fifty pairs in your closet!


For Your Crew Sock Needs

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