We at Wholesale Sock Deals firmly believe you can never have too many blankets. Fleece and sherpa blankets are some of the best kinds of blankets to have. Lightweight yet still able to comfortably trap in heat, these blankets are perfect for keeping around the house or giving as gifts. 


Both Sherpa and fleece blankets can be used as is or customized to make them a unique product. Save time and money by purchasing blankets in bulk for your home or store. 

Fleece Blankets for All Family Occasions

Small soft fleece blankets are conveniently sized for storage in many situations. Tuck them away in a pantry or linen closet for emergency situations like natural disasters or power outages. They are also perfectly sized for storing on a boat for extra warmth when the outing gets chilly. 


If you have overnight guests regularly, it’s convenient to have extra fleece blankets to hand out. These blankets are also fantastic for taking camping or draping over your lap during a family movie night. Having a nice stack of cozy fleece blankets for use, saves time having to dig around and find enough warm blankets to pass out. 

Bulk Blankets for Your Store

Running a business is an endeavor that takes time and dedication. It also takes a lot of work. Anything that makes things a little easier is always welcome. Buying quality sherpa and fleece blankets in bulk is a simple way to offer a new product. 


It doesn’t take a large quantity of effort or money to buy wholesale blankets at a fraction of retail costs. You can price them fairly inexpensively and still make a profit. In most cases, affordable blankets are an easy sell. Customers enjoy being able to stock up on soft, fuzzy blankets without breaking the bank. 


Bulk blankets are also a great way to kit out a bed and breakfast affordably. Purchase a beautiful set of matching bedspreads for each room without going broke. Save that money for adding sweet personalized details that will elevate your guest’s experience. 

Buy Fleece Blankets Bulk Style for Gifts

Fleece blankets make fantastic gifts. You can give them as is or customize them for the recipient. A blanket stitch and crochet ruffle around the edges is a simple but beautiful way to make the gift unique. Most people love a good soft blanket and don’t mind getting one more. They make great get well gifts, baby shower gifts, and even Christmas gifts. Whip out some thread and a needle and embroider a name or pattern in the corner to make it feel extra special. 


Buying blankets in bulk is a great way to have easy gifts on hand for a simple price. Fleece blankets can retail for up to forty dollars or more. That is a lot of money just for a blanket. Buying in bulk means you always have blankets on hand for a fraction of the normal price. Purchasing wholesale doesn’t limit your choices either. You can find a wide array of beautiful patterns and fabric choices. Buy kids colors or more sophisticated tones for adults. You can have twenty-four small fleece blankets on hand for less than a hundred dollars. Never worry about having gifts to give with blankets ready and waiting at home. 

Wholesale Sock Deals

Buying fleece and Sherpa blankets in bulk is made easy with Wholesale Sock Deals. We offer wholesale blankets in an array of colors, sizes, patterns, and materials. Whether you are looking for small fleece blankets, bright colors for kids, or soft sherpa for gifting, we can help. For all your bulk blanket needs, Wholesale Sock Deals has you covered. Check out our wide selection of blankets for sale on our website.