Most people like to store a couple of extra backups of their everyday items. So, it makes sense to have a few packages of your favorite Fruit of the Loom underwear tucked away. Buying in bulk has many benefits, even when it comes to clothing basics, like sweatpants, underwear, and undershirts. 


From saving money to saving time, wholesale purchases are strategically convenient. Picking up a pack of underwear occasionally to replace old, worn-out pairs or for a nice occasion is the norm. Buying clothing in bulk can feel a little ridiculous at first. Though, with clothing prices rising and interrupted supply chains, stocking up ahead of time might not be such a bad choice. Here are some other reasons to consider getting Fruit of the Loom basics in bulk. 

Save Money on Fruit of the Loom Sweatpants

Depending on where you shop, men's sweatpants can range from $14-$30+ per pair. Over time, this adds up to quite the expense. Buying in bulk may feel like a lot of money but in the long run, it actually saves money. It also saves money by cutting down on fuel costs since you aren’t taking as many trips to the store. When you buy wholesale online, there is less temptation to buy things you don’t need as well. 


Have what you need on hand when your old pair wears out. Often, when you buy a clothing item that you like, the brand changes the design by the time you need a new pair. Buying in bulk ensures you have the kind of sweatpants you love for quite a while to come. There is no need to find a new favorite pair if you are all stocked up. 

Buying Bulk Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs is More Convenient

Have your trusted underwear brand on hand for whenever you need it. Give yourself a boost of confidence on a big day with a fresh pair of briefs without going out to buy more. It also means you aren’t doing laundry every other day just to keep your essentials clean. Having enough pairs to push off laundry day can be very helpful for busy weeks when you just don’t have time. 


Having a healthy stock of essentials tucked away is also great preparation for any emergencies. It seems as though natural disasters are happening more and more as the years pass. We can’t always predict every factor, but we can prepare at least somewhat. Anticipating a lack of laundry facilities and buying accordingly will save you from one discomfort while dealing with the aftermath.  

Pay it Forward

Buying bulk doesn’t just have to be for yourself. Yes, it saves you money but it can also be an affordable way to pay forward a little kindness. Buying bulk necessities such as socks, sweatpants, undershirts, and underwear and donating them to shelters is a huge help. Shelters and similar organizations are always in need of donations. Buying wholesale can get the necessities you need for cheaper and help you give back to your local community. 


For individuals and families struggling to feed themselves, even underwear and socks can be too expensive. Donating packs of new underwear and other necessities helps these people preserve a little dignity with fresh clothes. 

Wholesale Sock Deals

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