Everyone loves a good deal, as it’s getting harder and harder to save as the days go by. On the bright side of things, there is no shortage of wholesale bulk suppliers in the market these days. On the dimmer side of things, that also means that there are just as many who would want to trick or scam potential shoppers with what seems to be the “perfect deal.” Buying wholesale or bulk is definitely a cost-effective way to stock your business or wardrobe. Unfortunately, there is always a risk involved when it comes to buying wholesale. Whether you’re buying from Wish or a small business owner, there is an inherent risk to buying 12+ of something to resell for profit. There’s a risk even if you aren’t reselling! However, there are some ways to tell good from bad quality when buying in bulk. While many of these companies can be pretty crafty, once you learn the basics, you will surely be surprised by how easy it is to weed out the good from the bad.


Look for good-quality dyes. This is one of the easier ones to identify at first glance. Dyes that bleed onto other things such as skin or other clothes or are splotchy are not good quality! Dyes that have even coloring and don’t bleed onto your skin or clothes are good quality. In my personal experience, this is especially prevalent with red dyes, immediately followed by black. There will inevitably be some bleeding with certain color dyes, but when the sock continues to bleed after several washes or every time you put it on, it’s bad quality.


Breathability is a huge factor in determining good quality in socks. Socks that have absolutely no breathability can actually cause health problems such as foul odors, athletes’ foot, and toenail fungus! When shopping for wholesale socks, look for a material in the description of the item. If a sock is made from something like cotton or a polyester blend, it’s probably breathable!


While you might call it something else, craftsmanship is something every single wholesale or bulk shopper looks for. One of the best things a company can do is provide what kind of sock materials they use. When a sock has poor craftsmanship, it’s almost always obvious. They wear out quickly, they don’t hold their shape, and frankly, they’re uncomfortable. When shopping for good craftsmanship in wholesale sock deals, look for keywords such as “ring-spun yarn,” “reinforced toe,” “reinforced heel,” and “wick,” as in “wicking moisture away.”

Shape holding

It was Sophia Petrillo who cursed her former lover by saying, “may your socks always slip down inside your shoes.” What a good curse that was! Have you ever had a pair of socks that are good for the first or second time you wear them, then they start sliding down your ankles and into your shoe? It’s annoying! An important thing to look for when buying bulks of socks is whether or not they are shape-holding. You don’t want to be stuck with 100+ socks that you’re constantly having to stop what you’re doing and fidget with them! And your customers don’t want that, either.


The bottom line is that bad socks are just uncomfortable! When you have a sock that doesn’t hold its shape, has suffocating fabrics, and is clearly made from inefficient materials, you’ll be spending more trying to replace your supply in a less than favorable amount of time. It can be so easy to get stuck with a bad deal, especially with the slew of bulk companies out there. Luckily for you, you won’t have to worry with the quality supply that’s offered through Wholesale Sock Deals. With an easy-to-navigate website, and reliable display of all available products, it’s never been easier to get a leg (or a foot) up in the world of bulk clothing shopping. So don’t waste your money with any of the would-be competitors, as your search for reliable wholesale socks has thankfully come to an end. For all of your bulk and wholesale sock needs, shop Wholesale Socks Deals Offers Wholesale Socks Lots, Wholesale Bulk Socks Deals, Bulk Sock Closeouts At Lowest Wholesale Prices (wholesalesockdeals.com). We’re sure you’ll be relaxing in a quality product in no time!