Have you been using hangers wrong?

We had no idea that we’d been using clothes hangers wrong our whole lives…until now. Unless you have a professional background in fashion or retail, you likely didn’t know that there’s a right and wrong way to hang your clothes. Just because hangers are affordable or cheap, doesn’t mean they’re the right kind to use. Here’s the right way to use clothes hangers, and we were today years old when we found out about it.

Using Wholesale Hangers to Revamp Your Closet Space

It’s not enough to simply hang your clothes. You have to hang them on the right hangers. There are tons of reasons why you should learn the right way to use clothes hangers. Buying quality wholesale hangers can help your clothes last longer, help maintain their shape, and help to save money, too. Give your closet space a much-needed upgrade, and learn how to hang your clothes in an entirely new way.

Plastic Hangers Won’t Last

Plastic hangers are more susceptible to breaking, wearing down, and bending. They may be cheap, but you’ll end up spending more money buying more hangers in the long run. These flimsy hangers end up shortening the lifespan of your valuable clothing. Remember, just because you can buy cheap hangers, doesn’t mean you should. 

Your Garments Will Lose Their Shape

Because plastic hangers bend and break so easily, your garments will end up losing their initial shape. Once shapely and voluminous clothing will now look worn, flat, and unflattering. This means your clothing has a shorter shelf-life, and you’ll get less wear out of your items. It’s not worth the extra money spent shopping for more clothes. Plus, you’ll lose out on opportunities to show off your favorite duds!

Clothes Will Slip Off

There’s arguably nothing more irritating than going into your closet only to find clothes slipping off their hangers. Ever noticed this happens more with plastic hangers? Certain fabrics and cuts don’t bode well on cheap hangers. 


The same goes for wire hangers, too. Wire hangers usually don’t have notches for straps, and their shape doesn’t support heavier items. This causes clothing to slip and fall into a closet abyss. Also, wire hangers can rust, bend, and damage fabrics. 

You’ll Have a Messy Closet

There’s no getting around it, cheap hangers don’t look good in your closet. Cheap hangers appear disorganized and unsightly. With high-quality hangers, your closet will look much neater, and your clothes will last longer, too.

Why a Wooden Premium Clothes Hanger is the Right Choice

So now that we know what NOT to use, what’s the right choice when it comes to clothes hangers? Premium wood hangers are the way to go. Here’s why.

Wood Hangers Won’t Bend or Break

Wood hangers are sturdy, strong, and maintain their shape. They won't bend, break or rust like wire or plastic hangers. This keeps your clothes’ structures intact, and gives your clothing a longer shelf-life, too.

They Last Longer

Wooden hangers may be a larger initial investment, but they’ll help save you money since they’re a one-time deal. They last much longer than cheaper hangers and are ideal for hanging and organizing clothes. Wood hangers are pretty much a lifetime guarantee. 

They Store Heavier Items

Heavier items like winter coats, gowns, or sweaters won’t lose their shape when hung on a wooden hanger. These clothes hangers support your clothes rather than collapse under them. Wood hangers are ideal for larger garments.

They Look Better

Love a clean look? Wood hangers are the way to go. They’ll keep your clothes neat, tidy, and upright, and you’ll have an easier time rummaging through your closet, too! With an organized closet, clothes are much easier to access.

They Have Notches for Straps

Most wood hangers have built-in notches for straps. This way, you won’t have to worry about hanging your clothes with straps or sleeves.

Clothes Won’t Slip or Wrinkle

High-quality wooden hangers keep your clothes smooth and aesthetically pleasing. This is because they keep clothes intact and also help maintain their shape. You also won’t have to deal with your clothes constantly slipping and sliding. Plus, they’ll look better, too.

Spend Less Time Ironing

No need to waste any more precious time and energy ironing! Because high-quality wooden hangers keep clothes neat, you won’t have to iron as much. 

Ready for a Wardrobe Refresh? Get a Coat Hanger to Match

Enjoy your wardrobe to the fullest! Now that you know there’s a better way to hang your clothes, shouldn’t you get a coat hanger to match? Wholesale Sock Deals has a ton of deals on durable, sturdy, and high-quality hangers. Increase the life of your beautiful garments, save money, and give yourself the closet of your dreams!