Hoodies are an essential part of any teen’s wardrobe. They are a comfortable accessory and can feel a little like a shield from the rest of the world. Hoodies for teens, unfortunately, can be upwards of twenty-five dollars or more. This makes it very difficult for teens and young adults to purchase hoodies for school, for fashion, or for a team. 


Fortunately, bulk buying makes purchasing the more expensive clothing items much more affordable. Hoodies can be bought at a little over six dollars a unit instead of twenty-five. This leaves budget room for customized decals without breaking the bank. 

Buying Team Hoodies in Bulk

Whether it’s a cheer team or camp counselors, every team loves to have matching hoodies. There are many benefits to buying hoodies for your teen’s team in bulk instead of at full retail price.

  • Team Spirit

    • Adults and teens alike love to show off the teams they play for or support. Team spirit brings people together and starts conversations, creating opportunities for connections. Buying your hoodies in bulk and customizing them allows you to start making that possible.

  •  Free Advertisement

    • Walking around with your team logo in a hoodie is a great way to advertise your team. What league or school you play for will spark interest and make people ask questions. More people paying attention and attending games is great for your public outreach.

  • Save Money

    • It can’t be said enough that buying hoodies wholesale is a great way to save money. Sweatshirts and jackets retail at unbeatable prices. Purchasing wholesale gets you quality items at a much lower cost per unit. 

  • Promotional Items

    • Use team hoodies as a raffle prize for fundraisers and other events. The outerwear didn’t cost a huge amount, so giving them away won’t dip too far into your resources. People love to get free or inexpensive stuff in return for their donations. It makes them feel like they got something out of the money they spent. 

  • Convenience

    • You never have to worry about having enough hoodies and sweatshirts available when you purchase in bulk. Having a good number of items stored away for future use means you have them in case of emergencies or unforeseen situations. 

  • Multiple Options

    • Buying in bulk means you can afford to buy several different options instead of just one. Not everyone likes a pull over hoodie, while others might find the zip up ones unflattering. Purchase several different options to appeal to the whole team instead of just a selection of them. 

Where to Buy Sport Team Hoodies Wholesale

Wholesale Sock Deals is a great place to shop for all your team outfit needs. Buy a pack of twelve, just enough to affordably outfit your team this season. Or, you can buy two hundred or more in one setting and be well-prepared for all your needs. You won’t ever have to worry about running out with such a sizable order. 


Buying in bulk will help your team keep up their team spirit without emptying out their savings. Invest in all different styles and have plenty of hoodies for team members and supporters alike. No matter what style your team prefers, you can always have it available when you order in bulk.