How Many T Shirts Should I Own

How Many T Shirts Should I Own?


For many, it would be a dream to have an unlimited amount of clothes. Unfortunately, it isn’t feasible to own thousands of different clothing items. Therefore, it is important to have a varied selection of clothes for different settings and occasions. However, this begs the question, “How many T Shirts should I own?” In this article, we will discuss the number of T-shirts and other clothing items you should have.


How Many Clothes Does the Average Person Have?


A survey conducted by Capsule Wardrobe Data showed that the average American owns 169 articles of clothing. This includes 62 tops, 25 pants, and 17 outerwear items.  While this may seem surprising, it really shouldn’t be. An assorted collection of clothes can be quite beneficial. In particular, it allows an individual the opportunity to create different outfits for different occasions. 

Despite having noticeable benefits, a closet can become overfilled. This itself can cause a slew of problems. For example, if you have too many clothes, it can be difficult to find your favorite pieces. In addition, you may end up wearing the same items more frequently, since they are easier to locate.


To help mitigate this issue, fully go through your closet a few times a year. After separating the clothes you no longer want, consider donating them. By organizing your wardrobe, you can create space for new items. 


In addition, you should coordinate outfits for different settings. For example, it would be great to have casual and professional clothes.


Finally, you should have an ample amount of socks and underwear.


How Many T Shirts Should I Own?


Since they are comfortable and generally inexpensive, T-shirts can quickly fill up an individual’s closet. You may purchase a new shirt or two every time you go to the mall. It is important to have a variety of T-shirts as they are articles of clothing worn quite frequently. 

To start, you should own a selection of basic T-shirts. These can be worn around the house or in casual outdoor settings. Typically, these types of shirts should be affordable. In fact, purchasing a pack of T-shirts is more cost-effective as you are paying less per individual piece. In addition, items from a trusted brand may be of higher quality and comfort.

Along with basic tees, it is important to own different workout shirts. The number of T-shirts you should have is dependent on how often you do laundry. If you have an active lifestyle or do laundry less frequently, it’s best to own more T-shirts. 

Lastly, you must learn what your style is. By doing so, you can pick key essential T-shirts to build outfits around. This can save significant amounts of time when getting dressed and can help reduce stress as your closet will be less cluttered.


How Many Pairs of Pants Should I Own?


While they aren’t as flashy, pants are an essential part of any outfit. Pants should be comfortable to wear and made from high-quality materials. Similar to tops, you should own different pairs of pants for different events. 

First, you need to consider your location. If you live in a warm weather area, it’s best to own more shorts. They are quite comfortable and can be worn around the house, at the gym, or for non-professional events. Alternatively, those who reside in colder states may want to purchase additional sweatpants and joggers. 

Moving on, you must have different pairs of jeans. For instance, blue and black jeans are essential staples of any closet. A variety of colors can increase potential outfit opportunities. Also, it’s wise to own a few pairs of comfortable jeans. These are items that you can wear often. 

Finally, you should own pairs of professional dress pants. It is best to have different colors such as black, gray, or navy blue.


How Many Pajamas Do I Need?


Unlike T-shirts or pants, you shouldn’t worry about style when purchasing pajamas. Instead, you should solely focus on comfort as these are the clothes you’re sleeping in. Typically, an individual should have 3-4 different pajama pants and shirts. 


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