how to soften a t shirt


With so many T-shirt options available for purchase, you likely own a good amount. T-shirts are versatile, affordable, and comfortable. However, they can stiffen, wear, and deteriorate over time. Therefore, taking proper care of them is paramount. Otherwise, they become rigid and itchy. Learning how to soften a T shirt for maximum usage will keep your clothes feeling brand-new.


In this article, we’ll discuss ways to soften your T-shirts so you can look good, feel good, and keep your clothes good as new.


How to Soften a Stiff Cotton Shirt


Cotton is the most common type of fabric that manufacturers use to make T-shirts. Generally, manufacturers use this fabric for its durability, breathability, and softness. Since most T-shirts are made from cotton, it is important to know how to soften those shirts. Luckily, there is a method meant for simply that. By using a vinegar solution, you can safely and effectively soften cotton T-shirts.


Start With a Vinegar Solution


To begin, you need to use clear vinegar because apple cider or red wine vinegar will discolor and stain T-shirts. Then, in a large bowl, add one tablespoon of baking soda. Afterward, gradually add one cup of vinegar. Once the fizzing stops, stir the solution. This will ensure that the baking soda has properly dissolved. 


To continue, pour the mixture into your washing machine and load your T-shirts. It is important to note that you can not mix the vinegar solution and laundry detergent. If you do, your clothes may become oily. After the washing cycle finishes, dry your shirts as you would normally. In the end, you should notice significantly softer and more comfortable T-shirts


Benefits of Washing With a Vinegar Solution


Besides adding an element of softness, vinegar is hypoallergenic and does not contain harsh chemicals. Furthermore, it can reduce the buildup of lint and pet hair. Vinegar can also prevent colors from fading and can effectively remove odors from clothing.


How to Soften a Stiff Button Up Shirt


While T-shirts can be quite comfortable and relaxing, they can’t be worn all the time. At certain times, you may need to wear professional clothing. For example, a button-up shirt is a great option for interviews or work settings. Since these items are a staple in most closets, they must remain properly soft. 


Use Liquid Fabric Softener


Similar to T-shirts, you can soften button-downs with a vinegar mixture. However, depending on its fabric, not all button-down shirts are suitable with vinegar. Instead, you can add liquid fabric softener to your wash cycle. It is important to note that these products can contain harsh and irritating chemicals. So, if you have allergies or sensitive skin, try using a natural or chemical-free softener.


Use Dryer Sheets


For a more affordable option, you can use dryer sheets. It’s quite easy - simply toss a sheet or two with your clothes when drying. In addition to being reliable and mess-free, dryer sheets prevent wrinkles and static. This can make your shirts softer and cleaner for longer.


Understandably, you can soften shirts by ironing them. In fact, warm ironing with steam can effectively keep button-downs feeling soft and new.


How Else Can I Soften T-Shirts?


Salt, like vinegar, is a common household item that softens T-shirts. To start, fill a pot with water and pour in one cup of salt. Then, properly stir to ensure that the salt has dissolved. Furthermore, bring the salt water to a low boil. Afterward, wet the T-shirt under the sink and then safely place it inside the pot. Now, you must cover it with a lid and let the shirt rest for 30 to 45 minutes. Once the necessary time has passed, drain the shirt in a colander and rinse to remove visible salt. Finally, wash the T-shirt with a normal cycle. 


Additional Methods


While this is a generally quick method, there is another salt method you can use. Although this requires significantly more time, it may produce more effective results. With this option, you can pour ½ cup of salt and one quart of warm water into a container. Afterward, stir the mixture until the salt dissolves. Then, fully submerge the T-shirt into the saltwater solution. 


Now, unlike the previous method, you cannot complete this process in one hour. Instead, you must let the T-shirt soak for three days, occasionally stirring once a day. Finally, remove the shirt and run a cycle in the washing machine.


What Can You Do Next?


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