how to wash a sherpa blanket

Sherpa blankets provide unbeatable warmth and comfort on cold days and nights during the winter months. But for some people, the comfort of sherpa blankets is offset by the perceived inconvenience of cleaning them. Washing a sherpa blanket does require unique care and attention compared to ordinary linens. But, as long as you know how to wash a sherpa blanket properly, it is not too demanding. Here is everything you should know about how to wash a sherpa blanket and keep it soft for several years.

The Dangers of Washing a Sherpa Blanket Improperly

First, let’s take a look at why it’s so important to follow the proper procedures when washing a sherpa blanket. As you might have guessed, sherpa blankets can become damaged if washed improperly. But what exactly happens?


Sherpa blankets are typically made from polyester fleece. Excessive heat can cause the fleece fibers to shrink or shrivel up. This damage makes the blanket less soft to the touch and less effective at insulating heat. Exposure to heat can also cause pilling, which is a process wherein small, firm balls of fabric form on the blanket’s surface.


Additionally, some detergents can stain the fabric of your sherpa blanket, causing discoloration. While a discolored blanket may still work effectively, it will lose some of its aesthetic appeal.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean How to Wash Sherpa Blankets

Step 1: Wash the Blanket By Itself

The first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that nothing else is being washed with your sherpa blankets. Washing other fibers with your sherpa blanket can cause the fleece fibers of your sherpa to become damaged. Additionally, many sherpa blankets are thick. Adding extra laundry to the wash cycle can cause your washing machine to become overloaded, which can damage the machine.


Keeping the blanket to its own wash cycle, or running it with other sherpa fabrics, is the safest option for your blanket and washer alike.

Step 2: Use Gentle Detergents

Harsh detergents can damage the sherpa’s polyester fibers. It is much safer for your blanket if you use gentle or mild detergents. Or, you can use a non-detergent soap when running your washer. These cleaning products can wash the blanket without doing any damage to the fabric.


Likewise, fabric softeners can damage the fibers in a sherpa blanket. If you want to use a fabric softener, adding half a cup of vinegar is a safe, viable alternative.

Step 3: Only Use Gentle Cold Water Cycles

As mentioned, excessive heat exposure can cause damage to a sherpa blanket. This includes hot water. As such, it is always best to machine wash your sherpa blanket on the coldest-temperature setting available. Cool temperatures will not affect the thickness or texture of your blanket, making it a much safer option.


If your washer machine also has a gentle rinse cycle, you should use this cycle for washing your sherpa, too. This is just another precaution against damaging the polyester fleece fibers on your blanket.

Step 4: Always Air Dry

If you’ve followed steps one through three, it won’t matter at all if you put your sherpa in the dryer. A heated drying cycle can very easily, and very drastically, damage a good sherpa blanket. Using an outdoor clothesline is often the safest way to dry your sherpa blanket. But using an indoor drying rack is a perfectly viable alternative as well. Just make sure your sherpa blanket is not bunched or folded too much, or it may dry unevenly.

Miscellaneous Sherpa Maintenance Tips

Running the correct rinse cycle is one of the most important ways to keep your sherpa in good condition. But there are other maintenance procedures you can follow to ensure peak quality for your favorite sherpa blanket.


For instance, if you want to keep your sherpa blanket soft for a long time, regularly brushing it can prevent pilling. And if your blanket does begin to pill, you can remove them using a simple handheld razor.


Hand-washing your sherpa blanket is also a good option. To do this, fill your bathtub or sink with cold water and a small amount of dish detergent. Spot clean any stains using dish soap for oily stains, or baby powder for non-oily stains. After spot washing, soak the blanket in the water and use your hands to gently scrub the blanket. Then drain the water, refill the tub or sink with clean water, and continue to rinse and drain until all the soap is removed.

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As you can see, washing a sherpa blanket doesn’t have to be too difficult after all. The comfort they provide is always worth the work anyway. If you’d like to add more sherpa fleece blankets to your closet, check out Wholesale Sock Deals for great deals on high-quality products.