how to wash blankets


There is nothing more comforting than a thick, warm blanket. But what if your favorite blanket is starting to feel a little grimy? Washing blankets may feel like a risk at times, especially when they’re made of delicate materials. But nobody wants to go too long without washing their blanket. So how do you know when it’s the right time? And what are the right steps to washing blankets? Here is a quick guide on how to wash blankets of all varieties. 

How Often to Wash Blankets

How often you should wash a blanket depends on how heavily it’s used. Bed sheets that get used nightly should be washed on a weekly basis. Less heavily-used blankets, like your favorite throw blanket, obviously do not need to be washed weekly. In these cases, it will depend primarily on the use and condition of the blanket. A simple rule of thumb is that, if you think your blanket should be washed, you should wash it. For instance, if it starts to lose its color or soft texture, this is a likely sign that a rinse is needed.


So what steps should you take when cleaning a blanket? That, again, depends on the type of blanket. Here is an overview of how to wash blankets that you might have in your home.

How to Wash Fluffy Blankets

Fluffy blankets, particularly fleece blankets, are great for their softness and the warmth they provide. But exposure to heat and harsh detergents can damage them and cause them to lose their texture. Pilling is a particularly common problem for improperly handled fluffy blankets.


Most blankets are too large to hand wash, so machine washing is still the best option. When machine washing a fluffy fleece blanket, use cold water and the gentlest cycle available, along with a mild detergent.


It is safe to dry most fluffy blankets in a dryer, provided you use a delicate setting. This prevents exposure to excessive heat, which is the leading cause of damage to most blankets.

How to Wash Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are machine washable. However, due to their heavier weight, they are a bit trickier to clean than most blankets. If you are going to wash your weighted blanket in the washing machine, you should not put anything else in the wash with it. Again, use a gentle detergent and cold or warm (not hot) water to avoid damaging the blanket.


However, if your weighted blanket does not need a thorough clean, spot cleaning is a simpler option. For spot cleaning, use a mild soap, cold water, and a soft-bristle brush. Soak the stained spots with soapy water and scrub gently with the brush. You can let your weighted blanket air dry after spot cleaning by hand.

How to Wash Comforters

Many people wonder about washing their bed comforters. These are blankets that get used every night, so they tend to soil pretty quickly. But most comforters are also fairly thick, which can make them tricky to machine wash.


Like other blanket types, most comforters are machine washable. But, depending on their size and thickness, they should be washed alone in order to avoid overloading your machine. Regardless of the comforter’s material, it’s usually safe to stick with cold rinse settings and delicate drying cycles to avoid damaging the fabric or texture.

How to Wash Other Blanket Types

If you still aren’t sure how to wash your particular blanket, your best bet is to check the manufacturer’s care recommendations. Most blankets will have detailed washing instructions on the tag.


For spot washing, cold water, a gentle brush, and mild soap is a safe method for most blanket types. But most blankets, including afghan blankets, silk sheets, and wool blankets, can all be washed using a gentle, cold water rinse cycle. The most important things to avoid are excessive heat, bleach, and other harsh detergents. Air drying a blanket may be preferable if your dryer does not have a delicate setting. But, as long as you use gentle, low-heat settings and don’t expose your blankets to harmful chemicals, they should come out looking fine!

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