How to Wear Summer Dresses in Winter

Dressing for the weather and dressing stylishly don’t always go hand-in-hand. This is especially true in the winter, when bundling up for warmth often takes priority over looking good. But your fashion sense does not need to suffer just because the weather is cold. 


This means your collection of summer dresses doesn’t need to go to waste for six months every year. Of course, you will probably want to add a few extra layers when wearing a summer dress in winter. But, with the right accessories, it is absolutely possible to pull it off. Here’s how to wear summer dresses in winter without being too cold.

Step 1: Select Your Dress

The first step to selecting your outfit is, of course, choosing your dress. The dress will be the centerpiece of the outfit, so everything else should revolve around it. Choosing a dress with sleeves may be the simplest option. But, a short sleeve or spaghetti strap dress is still an option as well. You can easily wear a cardigan, sweater, or jacket over your dress for added warmth and style.


The color and length of your summer dress will ultimately be the most important decision. But. with the right touches, you can craft a stylish outfit with just about any summer dress in your wardrobe.

Step 2: Choose Your Legwear

Perhaps the most important accessory to pair with your winter dress is your legwear. The color and style of legwear will depend on the style of dress you choose. For colorful or patterned dresses, neutral-colored leggings are a great complementary piece. This lets the dress stand out as the star of the outfit while keeping you comfortable and warm. You can also invert this concept by choosing boldly colored or patterned leggings to pair with a neutral-colored dress. 


If you are feeling bold, you can try mixing and matching colorful leggings and dresses. But this can be a more difficult look to pull off. When it comes to bold colors, less is sometimes more.


Alternatively, you might choose to wear tights with your dress. Tights offer a more muted color palette to help dresses, particularly patterned dresses, stand out. Wearing insulated tights can also be a very practical decision in winter, as can keep you warm on cold days.

Step 3: Pick the Right Shoes

The final major accessory to your winter dress outfit will be the shoes. Your choice of footwear may depend on the occasion, in addition to the outfit itself. Most of the time, you will want to wear boots with your dress. 


Boots provide more depth to the outfit by creating layers. Knee-length boots, or even over-the-knee boots can create a strong look when paired with a shorter dress and leggings or tights. But, just like when pairing dresses and legwear, style and color are very important. Too many contrasting colors can create a distraction. Make sure your boots match the color palette of the rest of your outfit.  


Ordinarily, you want your boots and leggings to be on the same color palette. Dark or muted colors should go together. However, some contrasting combinations, such as light-colored leggings with dark-colored boots, can create a distinctive look.


If the occasion calls for more understated footwear, ankle boots or heels can be just as effective. The key to pulling off this look is to make sure you don’t leave too much of your lower legs exposed. Wearing cropped leggings with ankle boots and a dress, for instance, can be a confusing look. Tights are often a safer option when wearing shorter boots or shoes with your dress in the winter.

Step 4. Other Accessories

Your outfit can include as many additional accessories as you prefer. As mentioned, a simple cardigan or sweater can be a great way to bundle up and remain stylish while wearing a dress in the winter. Other winter accessories, like a hat or a scarf, can have similar effects.


Even something as simple as your choice of socks (if you’re not wearing tights) can make a big difference. Both in terms of style and comfort, the right pair of socks can be the right finishing touch on any outfit.


Any winter outfit should be crafted with two things in mind: style and warmth. Both of these qualities start with choosing high-quality materials. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for any season, Wholesale Sock Deals can help. From dresses and sweaters to socks and hosiery, Wholesale Sock Deals provides exceptional quality for every item.