Half a million people1 are currently homeless in the U.S. This unfortunate reality means that there are thousands of people left without the items needed for basic survival. How can we do our part to help? Items like wholesale tee shirts, socks, hats, and scarves are needed at homeless shelters and other similar facilities. Wholesale products offer both quality and quantity, so you know you’ll be helping as many people as possible. If you’re looking to donate clothing, here are 10 types of organizations that need your help and your quality items.

There are tons of great organizations that rely on generous donations to thrive this season. Before stocking up on wholesale tee shirts and other necessary items, check out these types of non-profits and charities.

  1. Homeless Shelters

Of course, homeless shelters are a great place to start when donating clothes and basic items. Find your local homeless shelter2 and contact them to see which items are most heavily requested. 


During the colder months, shelters are usually in need of seasonal items like jackets, gloves, or sleeping bags. You can also consider donating bedsheets, towels, or blankets. You’d be surprised at how quickly homeless shelters run out of these basic items. Contact your local homeless shelter today.

  1. Soup Kitchens

Although soup kitchens primarily focus on serving food to those in need, some accept clothing donations, too. Some soup kitchens provide guests with clothing upon arrival, while others do not. Contact your local soup kitchen3 before donating clothing. 

  1. Youth In-Need and Emergency Shelters

Young folks who are either displaced or have run away from home are typically left in emergency shelters. Many of these children are left afraid and with only the clothes on their backs. Youth shelters typically need hygiene kits, seasonal items, and blankets.

  1. Domestic Violence Shelters

Domestic violence shelters provide a safe space for victims of domestic abuse. They offer shelter, meals, and clothing as well. In most cases, many victims escaping domestic violence are mothers, pregnant women, and children. If you can donate maternity wear, baby clothes, or children’s clothes, contact your local domestic violence shelter today.

  1. Trans and LGBTQ+ Youth Centers

28%4 of LGBTQ+ youth report situations of homelessness or housing instability. Trans or LGBTQ youth who are displaced and left without a safe place to live need support. Contact your local LGBTQ+ youth center and support young teens who need clothing and care.

  1. Animal Shelters

Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones affected by homelessness. Many animal shelters use tee shirts to care for scared puppies and kittens. You can also donate pet food, collars, water dishes, and other pet-care products to help animals who need a home.

  1. Transitional Living Programs

Transitional living programs are intended to help homeless youth or young adults get back on their feet and find housing. In many cases, these programs help young adults find jobs. You can help by donating work-appropriate clothing or high-quality clothing items to transitional living programs.

  1. Emergency Response Programs

If there’s been a recent natural disaster in your area, contact your local emergency response program. Emergency response programs are designed to provide immediate assistance to those affected by natural disasters or other major emergencies. These temporary accommodations are meant to get people back to safety. Donating clothing, water bottles, or blankets will prove extremely useful.

  1. Places of Worship

Many places of worship like churches, synagogues, or mosques will accept donations to help the homeless population You can contact your local place of worship to coordinate donations with them.

  1. Dress for Success

Dress for Success is an organization that directly helps underserved women find careers and achieve financial independence. They also offer work-appropriate women’s attire to their program participants. You can find a partner charity in your area and donate women’s work clothing to their organization. 

Tips When Donating to Homeless Shelters

Before donating to homeless shelters or other charitable organizations, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Don’t Donate Worn Items

If you wouldn’t wear it, then it likely isn’t ready for donation. This is why buying high-quality items in bulk is a great approach when donating. You can help more people, and offer wearable products.  

  1. Donate Clean Items

Similar to not donating worn items, make sure the clothing you donate is clean, too. 

  1. Contact the Organization First

Many organizations get bombarded with donations at their doorstep every day. Contact and coordinate with the organization before donating. This way, you’ll know what items are needed, and also if they’re needed in the first place.

Stock Up on Donations for Homeless Shelters This Season

Wholesale Sock Deals is committed to providing high-quality clothing items to charities and non-profits nationwide. If you’d like to give back this season, stock up on bulk donations and help more people stay warm this winter.


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