The Covid-19 pet adoption surge is real, and now these pandemic puppies are rounding their 2nd anniversaries. Although pets were beloved before the 2020 pandemic hit, they became our therapy during such a time of uncertainty.
Research1 shows that nearly 1 in 5 households acquired a dog or a cat during lockdown.


A “pandemic puppy” refers to this unique surge in pet adoption during the 2020 pandemic. These pets grew up in a strange time. Most of their families were home with them on an around-the-clock basis. Now, as we get back into the world, pets are increasingly anxious as they get used to their new routines. Our fur babies need pet toys to soothe their anxiety now more than ever. 

Buy Pet Toys Wholesale to Soothe Social Anxiety

Properly socializing your pet has always come with its challenges. However, as a result of being raised in such an isolated environment, it’s become even more challenging to socialize with your pup. Pandemic puppies missed some significant milestones. Their parents were home with them 24/7, they couldn’t visit dog parks as often, and they couldn’t socialize with new people. 


Experts reveal that the first 18 weeks2 of a puppy’s life are crucial to its socialization. Without proper socialization, they may develop anxiety. This could manifest in the following behaviors:

  • Aggressive behavior toward new dogs

  • Aggressive behavior toward new people

  • Exhibiting uncertainty in new places (whining, crying, or panting)

  • Chewing household items excessively in the absence of their parents

  • Excessive drooling

  • Panting

  • Going to the bathroom in the house

  • Pacing


There are many ways to help your pet cope with anxiety. Buying pet toys wholesale is one of them. Giving your dog something3 to fixate on is a great way to divert their attention away from their anxiety. It stimulates their brain, helps them fight boredom, and provides comfort when you’re not home. They can even help prevent the further development of unwanted behaviors.

Dog Toys For Your Fur-Baby

Dogs need a routine4 to feel safe. Offer them a new toy and make it a crucial part of their routine! Here are some awesome dog toys your pups will love. Give your pandemic puppy something they’ll rely on when you’re not there to soothe them.

Throwing Toys

This dog ball launcher is an awesome way to give your dog exercise, fun, and mental stimulation. Your dog deserves at least 30 minutes of playtime a day. Throw around the ball after work or when you’re on your lunch break. You’ll also get some exercise, too!

Tug-of-War Toys

What dog doesn’t love to play tug-of-war? This awesome double-loop pull toy even has a built-in tennis ball that your pup will go crazy over. Play a rousing game of tug with your pup! This is also a perfect toy for two dogs to play with.

Squeeze Toys

This squeaky squeeze toy is about to become your dog’s go-to toy for playtime. The squeaky sound activates your dog’s instincts and fires them up! It can even serve as a means of comfort when you’re gone.


Perfect for retrievers or big, playful pups, this frisbee is perfect for an old-fashioned game of fetch. If your dog loves to catch things and bring them to you, consider gifting them a frisbee. It’s specifically made for dogs to easily catch in their mouths, too. Bring to the dog parks or a big field on your walks!

Cats Need Toys, Too! Check Out These Cat Toys

Although they’re a little less high-maintenance than dogs, cats also need stimulation! Cat toys are a great way to show your fur baby you care. If you work from home and want to incorporate some playtime into your daily routine, here are some great cat toys to choose from.

Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is a surefire way to make your cat go nuts! You’ll also be pretty entertained, too.

Balls with Bells

Cats love something to chase. Add a fun sound, and you’re golden. These cat toys come with bells to get your cat playing all day long!

Mouse Toy

There’s nothing like a classic cat-and-mouse chase. This ball has a stuffed mouse inside, so your cat will have something to pounce on and play with.

Go Wholesale for Your Pets

If you’ve been looking for ways to soothe your pandemic pet’s anxiety, consider going wholesale. We have hundreds of awesome pet toys to choose from that your fur baby will adore. You’ll also save yourself a trip to the store in the long run. Save money, save time, and keep your pets happy with wholesale pet toys.



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