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School Supplies List for Middle School and High School


As the upcoming school year approaches, it is important to have a full collection of supplies. By doing so, you can ensure that students have all the materials they need to properly learn in classrooms. Furthermore, this is even more prevalent for middle schoolers and high schoolers. At this chapter of their educational life, the curriculum becomes more intensive, so they must have all the necessary supplies to succeed. 


School Supplies List for 6th Grade 


To begin, starting middle school right with an extensive list of supplies can be a great way to help students. For parents, it can be beneficial to ask teachers what their children need for class. Therefore, they can be properly prepared and won’t run the risk of falling behind before classes even start. 


Organize Materials With Binders


Unlike elementary school, students will need to move from classroom to classroom, not teachers. Since this is the case, it is essential to purchase a set of binders.  You can help keep your child organized by selecting a pack of multicolored binders. With this, they can assign a different binder for each class and ease any potential confusion. Binders can be purchased from online stores like Amazon.  However, it is more cost-effective to buy a larger wholesale pack


Cover the Basics


In addition to binders, other basic supplies include pencils, pens, and highlighters. Depending on the class, students may be required to use a specific type of pencil. For example, mechanical pencils or pens may not properly register on scantron tests. Therefore, it would be necessary to use a No. 2 pencil. By purchasing a variety of writing utensils, students can be better prepared for any class.


School Supplies List for 7th Grade 


One of the most helpful skills a student can learn is organization. This can take many different forms. For example, you can purchase locker shelves to help separate binders and other learning materials. By doing so, students won’t have to scramble trying to find the right binder for their class. In addition, binder tabs can help differentiate various sections of a course. Many times, teachers require their students to split homework, classwork, and notes into different sections. 


Organize Schoolwork With a Calendar


To continue, a calendar can be a helpful tool to keep students organized. With this, they can keep track of quizzes, tests, and project due dates. If possible, try purchasing a magnetic calendar that can be placed inside a student’s locker. Even better, a pencil pouch can help students store their writing supplies. In particular, 3 ring pouches are great because they can be kept in a binder, reducing the chances of your child losing their materials. 


School Supplies List for 8th Grade 


Projects are a staple for middle school assignments. Typically, this will involve creating and designing poster boards with pictures and information. Therefore, to ensure that your student is sufficiently prepared, make sure you purchase various arts and craft supplies. 


To start, construction paper can help add color and style to a plain poster board. In addition, glue is also essential. You can purchase a pack of glue sticks at an affordable price. Also, scissors and colored markers are necessary materials. On top of aiding class projects, arts and craft supplies can significantly help boost creativity. 


What Do You Need for High School?


High school brings a variety of new and exciting challenges. In addition to figuring out what field to study in college, students are tasked with increasingly more complex classes and assignments. Therefore, it is vital to have accommodating school supplies.


Entering 9th Grade


For instance, math classes start to become more intense. So your student will likely need to use advanced calculators for ultimate success. In particular, a student may need a scientific or graphing calculator for their classes. A TI-83 is a commonly used scientific and graphing calculator. In addition, your student may also require graphing paper for classes like geometry. 


10th and 11th Grade: Be Ready for the SAT or ACT Exam


During high school, many students will take the SAT or ACT. These are extremely important tests that play a vital factor in college acceptance. Therefore, it is essential that students score well on these exams, so purchasing prep books is a massive help. In addition, flashcards and Post-it notes are beneficial as well. They can also be used for standard and AP high school classes.


What About Senior Year?


Toward the end of a student’s high school tenure, they may not need as many supplies. Certain schools allow seniors to reduce their number of classes and go home early. However, it is still important to remain prepared with multicolored binders, writing utensils, and a scientific calculator.


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