Sock shopping is an important aspect of everyday life. It’s one of the first choices people make when choosing an outfit for the day and can heavily affect the overall daily experience. You might be thinking we’re putting a bit too much emphasis on socks though. Afterall, they’re such a small thing, and it’s one of those things that nobody else but you is likely to even be aware of. Well, as the saying goes, it’s often the small things in life that make the biggest impact. Let’s dig into what lies beneath the fabric and split the threads to take a look at some of the differences between wholesale spandex and wholesale cotton socks to see how each material can impact your daily life. So to not string you along any longer, let’s get started!


Material Things

It’s needless to say that material matters. Looking at the medium that an artist uses to paint, to the platform a content distributor chooses to set up shop, and even to where a great company decides to sell their wholesale socks with great deals and large selection, the building blocks of what goes into just about anything are often the most important decision to make. Just because it’s something as seemingly small as the pair of socks you put on each day, why not put as much thought into how you take your first steps each morning (or night)? Not to be too materialistic, but material certainly makes a huge difference when choosing socks. Two of the main materials to find socks in are 100% cotton or spandex. So that leaves us with the debate: which is better?

Spandex Basic

Don’t worry. Just because we’re talking about spandex doesn’t mean we’re going to bring up hair bands. The first difference we’re going to note is that spandex is a synthetic material. Unlike 100% wholesale cotton socks and their natural traits, spandex does not occur naturally in the wild. Wild, right? This eliminates the potential for being naturally biodegradable that 100% wholesale cotton socks offer. On the other hand, spandex offers a lower need for extended maintenance. Designed to be more rigid in shape and allow for a greater deal of elasticity than cotton, spandex might help cut back on sock shopping in the long run. Spandex socks also offer a greater deal of temperature regulation, making them a great choice when making socks more geared towards athletic activities. 


Cotton Basics

Often regarded as one of the best natural fabrics, 100% wholesale cotton socks have a reputation as one of the go-to choices for any sock enthusiast. Wholesale cotton socks get their reputation from their comfortable, breathable fibers known for their moisture wicking properties. Designed to be lightweight and flexible, they offer a great deal in the way of keeping your feet well ventilated while also offering a durable yet thin line of protection for your feet beyond the footwear you choose. Did we mention that it’s also great for the environment? Being a completely natural material, 100% wholesale cotton socks are also fully biodegradable. The issue with wholesale cotton socks, however, isn’t necessarily anything to do with their material, but instead making sure that they are truly made of nothing but cotton. Unless you have access to a dedicated hand knitter, pure 100% wholesale cotton socks can be a bit difficult to come by. Another issue you may run into is their nature as a natural material. They can be more prone to warping and losing their shape over time, meaning they need a higher degree of maintenance than other materials. Regardless of these minor setbacks, it’ll be well worth it to get your feet on the ground to find a great pair of wholesale cotton socks.

A Bit of Both

Surprisingly, it is often a mix of the two that ends up being the best decision between the two materials, depending on what your priorities are. Thankfully, it has become common practice to blend these materials in your average sock. Combining both the comfort and moisture wicking nature of wholesale cotton socks with the elasticity and temperature regulating properties of spandex allows for the best of both worlds. Regardless of what might be the best choice, the best place to start looking for excellent wholesale socks is definitely at WholeSaleSockDeals. Check out their wholesale cotton socks as well as their Spandex Socks to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward when finding the right pair of either spandex or wholesale cotton socks.