Winter is coming. A cold breeze sets in across the land as the days get shorter, sunlight is dwindling, and the plants begin to shed their leaves. As the nights continue to get darker, the temperatures start to drop with the rapid decrease in foliage and sunlight. The holiday season is a lovely time of year that brings with it tidings of joy, sentiments of peace, and a moment to catch some well deserved rest as well as quality time with friends and family. With all of this beauty, however, come frigid winds and inhospitable conditions that make being prepared for the cold all the more important. 


Here at Wholesale Sock Deals, we understand how important a warm pair of winter socks can be during those cold winter days. Our feet are one of the most important thermoreceptors on our bodies outside of our heads and hands. Their status can be the determining factor of how well our bodies can handle the sometimes frigid settings of the winter season. With all of the winter-ready types of winter socks out there, where does one start when trying to find the right pair? We’re here to help steer you in the right direction by providing some details about different kinds of winter socks that will keep your feet warm and your head cool while going through the winter season. Here are a few of the warmest socks for winter that we suggest you get before winter is here.


Merino Wool Socks

Wool socks and wool clothing in general has its reputation for a reason. Wool is one of the best natural materials for the cold season for many reasons, and its effectiveness has been tried and true for generations upon generations. Winter socks made of wool offer the best insulation when it comes to keeping your feet warm. Boasting some of the warmest socks for winter, wool is able to offer soft, warm, and moisture-wicking properties. They fit snugly to your feet and into almost any winter footwear without sliding around and bunching up. Bunching up provides air pockets for cold weather to seep in, making some blends simply ready to invite the cold into your feet. Particularly for merino wool blends, they are able to take away moisture without holding onto it. Moisture retention can be one of the worst things for feet during the winter, as once your socks get wet, they become prone to freezing and there is rarely any coming back beyond getting a fresh pair of socks.


Thermal Socks

Another fantastic and common option are thermal socks. When it comes to winter socks, they offer similar protection to wool socks while being made of predominantly synthetic materials. They work to maintain warmth and support moisture-wicking properties. This is accomplished through a series of looped and brushed fibers that make for a reliable option when shopping for the warmest socks for winter. Large looped fibers create the insulation needed to retain body heat, but it’s the inner brushed fibers that trap the air, using it both as a source of warmth and buffer zone to keep cold air out.


Women’s Winter Socks

It might seem odd to give a mention to specifically women’s winter socks, but when looking for the warmest socks for winter, it’s necessary to understand what goes into the dimensions of how a sock fits. For the longest time, it is common for people to think that the numbers on a pair of socks have something to do with shoe size. It makes the most sense, and unless told otherwise, it is what people typically believe and stick with. What those numbers mean, though, are the length of the foot in inches. So how do women’s winter socks versus men’s winter socks come into play? Believe it or not, women’s winter socks are cut a bit differently from men’s winter socks. Women’s winter socks have a bit of an emphasis on the arch to support and adhere to a more defined curve, while men’s winter socks are looser at the opening to account for commonly larger calves on men. These details are sure to impact the final decision on finding the warmest socks for winter.


Wholesale Sock Deals

Whatever your final decision, the next step is finding a reliable and trustworthy supplier of winter socks to make sure there are plenty of extra pairs lying around. Whether it be specifically women’s winter socks or just doing personal research on finding the warmest socks for winter, be sure to visit Wholesale Sock Deals to get the highest quality winter socks at bulk counts and the best prices. Remember to act quickly though. Winter is coming.