With winter right around the corner, it’s important to start your winter prep. And I know: winter prep? You might be thinking that could be a little dramatic. And I’ll be clear. We’re not talking doomsday prep for some end of the world Blizzard, but we are going to focus on the basics, or one of the most essential products that you will definitely use for those unexpected severe cold fronts. When thinking of winter prep, most people’s minds generally go to the common ones: nonperishable food, flashlights, hats, matches, batteries, radio, kerosene, and if you can afford, some type of generator system...However, it’s often the little things that go overlooked, and when I say little in this instance, I am being quite literal. A key to winter survival and overall comfort is to keep yourself warm, and the best way to do that is to start from the bottom and work up. One thing that should never be overlooked in cold weather prep is the simple sock. My family in particular would never go into the cold season without one thing in particular: thermal socks.

What Are Thermal Socks? What Do They Do?

Socks at face value are a pretty simple staple of any ensemble, but you would be stunned at the vast amount of variety that can be found in the form of socks alone. There are socks for medical purposes, such as compression socks, socks for keeping yourself protected while under, like for scuba diving, and even socks with no real practical purpose other than to look whimsical or fit a festive season. That barely scratches the list. We’re here, however, to focus on practical socks. Socks that have a mission, and a duty to keep you safe. In particular: thermal socks. Thermal socks are socks made of very warm material, such as wool or fleece. These socks are specifically designed to keep heat locked in by insulating the feet and are designed to wick away moisture. Excellent for skiing or hiking, the thickness prevents blisters or other types of friction injuries. These socks are typically very form-fitting and will easily maintain a tight fit beneath all the other layers that go into winter wear and fashion. These socks come in myriads of shapes and sizes, and are cut for various footwear, such as for boots or more heavy-duty sneakers that you’ll need to trudge through the snow to your car each morning. To take the edge off though, there are plenty of these warm holding socks that are simply for sitting and relaxing after a long day’s efforts in the cold. Plus, who wants to get cold feet while you’re taking care of all of that last-minute winter shopping?

Risks of Having Cold Feet

Nobody likes to feel cold. I spent most of my life believing that humans lose most of their heat through their head, but I learned that isn’t true! We actually lose most of our heat through our hands and feet! Our feet (an extremity) have less heat-producing muscles and more blood vessels that can open up and expand, which causes them to cool down faster than the rest of our body. This is especially true if you have a condition that can cause poor circulation, such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis (MS). Cold feet can cause health problems! Your mom wasn’t being dramatic, people with cold feet really were found to have lower immune systems! Cold feet can also lead to an inability to get a good night’s sleep, or even leave someone feeling tense or irritable.

If your feet get too cold, you can suffer some pretty major health issues. Frostbite is an obvious one, but did you know you can even get trench foot? This happens when feet are exposed to damp environments for too long, which is why it’s so important to have access to clean, moisture-wicking, insulating thermal socks in the winter! Chilblains (or pernio) is also a risk, occurring when feet are exposed to cold for extended periods of time.

Buying thermal socks

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