Tie dye is a fun and playful way to wear bright colors. It’s also a great way to coordinate the entire family without making everyone wear the exact same clothes. The beauty of tie dye is that it’s unpredictable and every pattern is different. Each person gets to choose their own unique tie dye shirt. 


These shirts can retail for twenty dollars or more. Depending on the size of your family, that is a lot of money to spend just on shirts. Buying wholesale helps you spend much less per shirt while still giving a wide color variety. 

Tie Dye T Shirts for Family Events

Family events are a great time to have some fun with matching shirts. Family photos with coordinating clothes are always a favorite. Surprise grandma with a fresh family picture in your bright beautiful tie dye shirts. Family trips are also a great time to coordinate. Theme parks and other crowded places are easier to navigate if everyone is wearing a recognizably bright shirt. Any parent who has had the scare of losing sight of a child knows that unique shirts help ease some worry. Tie dye is a great way to help you keep an eye on everyone by making your kids stand out in a crowd.


Reunions are also a great time to invest in a bulk order of tie dye t-shirts. Everyone has different color preferences and tie dye can satisfy them all. Those with more daring styles can choose the brightest colors. Any family members that prefer clothes that aren’t quite so loud can pick a more muted tone of tie dye. There is a tie dye for everyone’s unique color preferences. 


There doesn’t even have to be a special event to get a tie dye selection for the family. Most kids love the bright colors and are delighted when they get to match with mom and dad. T shirts are great for playtime wear, both inside and out. No need to worry about ruining the nice expensive shirts while the kids run around outside. It’s definitely worth your while to invest in a wide array of tie dye for your family.   

Save Money Buying Tie Dye Shirts Wholesale

Buying clothes for your family is not a cheap endeavor. It becomes even more expensive when trying to plan for large events like family reunions and parties. Everyone has an opinion on what color you should get. We suggest you get a bulk order of tie dye shirts at wholesale prices to save you time and sanity. Tie dye options are so widely varied that there is an option for everyone. 


This strategy will also save you money. Instead of spending upwards of twenty dollars a shirt, you are spending a fraction of the price. An order of seventy-two shirts in various colors and sizes can cost as little as six to seven dollars a shirt. That is a large chunk of change saved for other important needs. You can also take what money you saved and invest in matching decals for a family event. There is also a fun project of buying fabric paints to let each kid personalize the shirt with their names. The options are endless when you are saving such a large amount on the shirt prices. 


Wholesale Sock Deals

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