1. Thermal Gloves


Whether you’re going skiing, taking a walk, or engaging in a snowball fight, a pair of thermal gloves will be your best friend. Yacht and Smith released their thermal ski gloves this year (2021), complete with a zipper pocket. How convenient is that? Not only do you get the gift of warm hands, but also a little compartment in your gloves, so you don’t need to go digging around in your pocket. Starting at $4.80 per pair, this is a steal. While everyone is searching for Winter gloves, your store will be selling great ones for an even better deal.

  1. Thermal Sets 


Thermal sets are here for men and women in various colors. These super cozy two-piece thermal sets are great for the Winter season. You can wear them under your everyday clothes for extra warmth or in the comfort of your home for lounging about. Finding the gift that keeps on giving isn’t easy, but it changes the playing field when you can use it a lot. 

  1. Merino Wool Socks


Vendors everywhere are searching for these bad boys. Yacht and Smith’s Merino Wool socks. Thick, hefty, and extremely warm. Look no further than right here. Wholesale Sock Deals, one of Yacht and Smith’s exclusive carriers, has the perfect Merino Wool socks available. Cold feet? Not this Winter.

  1. Winter Beanies


We all know how important keeping your head warm is, especially during the frigid winds of the Winter season. However, that doesn’t mean keeping your head warm needs to be expensive. Not at all. Wholesale Sock Deals carries a wide range of winter beanies at prices as low as $1.50 a hat. Find pom beanies, animal-themed beanies, toboggans, slouch beanies, and more. There’s a winter beanie here to gift everyone you know.

  1. Fleece Blankets


Fleece and Sherpa blankets have been trending for the last year or two, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. If they’re going anywhere, it’s into people’s living rooms and bedrooms. That’s because they’re great for watching your favorite movie while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or using for sleep.

  1. Sleeping Bags


At Wholesale Sock Deals, we serve a lot of non-profit organizations. So, we have an idea of the items that work for them. That’s why we decided to include sleeping bags in this list. With many charities donating items to the homeless, these sleeping bags will take the cake. So, get a little comfortability for those in need without breaking the budget.

  1. Yoga Socks


We have these ever-so-popular yoga socks for those of you who are a little more active. These socks are all the rage, featuring bold colors, supreme comfort, and gripper bottoms for no-slip warrior poses. These socks are all the rage. If you’re into Yoga, you may have already seen these on some of your yoga mates. 

  1. Hoodies


Men’s hoodies are here to say. Whether they’re fitted for the gym, oversized for your girlfriend, or stamped with quotes on them like “Let’s go, Brandon.” Pullovers, zip-ups, and more are all in stock at Wholesale Sock Deals. But wait, there’s more (I had to try that at least once). It’s all priced at low bulk deals.