Gen Z is a hard group to stay on top of. They’re the current youngest generation, and one of the most rapidly changing generations to date. The technology at their disposal is millions of miles away from what even the prior generation has to offer, and they’re changing with that tech just as quickly. As one can expect, their tastes in clothing and fashion are shifting just as quickly. It’s especially important for clothing companies to notice these changes so they can know what the younger audience is looking for. According to our research, here are some of the trends that Gen Z’ers are known to love and display in their day-to-day fashion choices.


Cottagecore is a micro style that rose to popularity on Tumblr and then spread to TikTok. Wikipedia describes it as “a fashion aesthetic . . . celebrating an idealized rural life.” With Gen Z’s refusal of hustle culture, cottagecore makes perfect sense. When trying to pin down what cottagecore is all about, think neutral tones, natural fibers (or fibers that look similar to a natural fiber), and comfort. Two popular subsects of this trend are goblincore and fairycore, as they share very similar ideas and interests. When buying wholesale, think chunky knit socks that Grandma could have made, big fluffy blankets, and soft fibers are essentials.

Cow print anything

Mooove, zebra print, get out the way! While zebra print was a major part of the 2000s & 2010s, cow print is what Gen Z seems to love. Fun and funky, Gen Z seems to love everything that comes in cow print, from bucket hats to evening wear. Stemming from the rapper Doja Cat’s song (and very meme-able music video) “Mooo!,” cow print is here to stay. We don’t only sell wholesale socks; we also sell wholesale party favors! Cow-themed 13th birthday party or Sweet 16, anyone?


Athleisure= athletic + leisure. Athleisure is focused on mixing fashion and functionality, style and comfort.  While I think this harkens back to millennials wearing yoga pants in the 2010s, the argument could be made that it actually came from the desire for consumers to be able to wear the same thing for multiple occasions. With Gen Z making health and wellness a major priority, athleisure is here to stay. When shopping wholesale, look for moisture-wicking socks that perform well with sports (or yoga, or hanging out with friends), track pants, and sleek sneakers.

Early 2000s Revival

JNCO jeans, button-down shirts with fire flaming down the sides, and butterflies. Some may be grateful that the early 2000s trends are over, but to young people today, it’s barely begun! Called “Y2K aesthetic,” some of the defining features are transparent plastic, glitter, lava lamps, scrunchies, and lots and lots of pink. When buying bulk, we suggest holographic bags (bonus points for your store if it’s transparent), shiny, glittery lip gloss, and lots of rhinestones.


These are the young people growing up in the face of a pandemic. With the pandemic quarantine came boredom, and with that came the renaissance of DIY projects. Tie-dye became an easy-to-do, hard to mess up DIY favorite of the zoomers. However, not everyone wants to sit down and tie-dye every single one of their light-colored shirts. Our tie-dye t-shirts are easy to customize with your own designs! Our tie-dye purses are also sure to be a hit in your store.

Graphic shirts

This isn’t a Gen Z specific trend as graphic shirts always have been, and likely always will be very en vogue. They’re the perfect option for lounging around the house, going to school, or having a low-key night with friends. I personally have seen many young people wearing shirts with wolves, tigers, and other animals on them. This is likely partially due to the early 2000s revival I spoke of previously. On Wholesale Socks, we offer many different graphic tee options you can buy in bulk!

To sum it up…

Gen Z is a generation that holds their convictions strong. They are a unique generation, growing up amidst a pandemic, with the Internet fully accessible to them at all times. Their trends tend to pull from past fads, as well as invent their own unique way to style. Visit Wholesale Socks Deals Offers Wholesale Socks Lots, Wholesale Bulk Socks Deals, Bulk Sock Closeouts At Lowest Wholesale Prices ( for the best wholesale sock deals on bulks of socks (and so much more)!