What Are Ankle Socks

How often do you think about your socks? If you appreciate having comfortable, healthy feet, you might think about them often. But too many people don’t realize how big of a difference a high-quality pair of socks can make. Choosing the right socks for the day is about more than just the materials or color of socks you choose. The type of sock you wear can also make a big difference.


There are a few different sock lengths to choose from. Most days, people choose between low-cut socks, ankle socks, crew socks, boot socks, or tube socks.  For now, let’s take a look at ankle socks. What are ankle socks, and when is the best time to wear them?

Why Wear Ankle Socks?

Ankle socks are great for when you want to stay cool but still require a bit of protection for your foot and ankle. Plus, ankle socks get the job better than longer socks, which can become bunched up and uncomfortable when rolled down. Additionally, ankle socks are less restrictive, which is good for individuals with diabetes or vein deficiencies.


You also may choose to wear ankle socks simply because you find them comfortable and stylish. Ankle socks are highly versatile and fit most situations and fashion senses.

How Long Are Ankle Socks?

As the name implies, ankle socks reach just above the ankle. Some people may mistake ankle socks for low-cut, or no-show, socks. However, these two sock styles are distinct from one another. Low-cut socks sit just below the ankle and are often not visible when wearing shoes. The best time to wear low-cut socks is when you do not want your socks to be visible above your shoes. Or, you can wear low-cut socks during strenuous exercise when you will be sweating heavily.


Ankle socks, however, extend above the foot and fully cover the ankle. They’re also slightly shorter than crew socks, also called mid-calf socks, which rise midway up the calf. Crew socks are stylistically very similar to ankle socks. Meanwhile, ankle socks are better suited for warm weather, whereas crew socks provide more style with certain outfits.

When to Wear Ankle Socks?

There are plenty of different occasions to wear ankle socks. They go great with most outfits due to being casual and having low visibility. With that said, one of the most common times to wear ankle socks is when simply lounging around the house. Ankle socks can keep your feet cozy without being too hot or restrictive.


You can also wear ankle socks to any casual social outings. Whether wearing shorts or pants, ankle socks are adaptable to most occasions.


Plus, you can wear ankle socks in any season. However, they are typically worn more often during the spring and summer months. This is not because ankle socks can’t be worn in cold weather. But longer socks simply provide more coverage and warmth for your legs and feet.


However, the shorter length of ankle socks makes them perfect for warm weather and physical activity. Whether going for a run, hiking, playing sports, or simply going out during the summer, ankle socks will always keep you cool and comfortable. Choosing the right material for your ankle socks is also important on hot days. Most ankle socks are either made from cotton or polyester. While both materials are effective at keeping your feet cool, there are a few notable differences. Most importantly, polyester socks are better at wicking moisture away, which makes them preferable for physical activities. Cotton ankle socks, on the other hand, are better suited for casual outings or lounging around the house.

What Are the Best Men’s Ankle Socks?

After learning all of that, you may be wondering, what are the best ankle socks for men? The answer to that depends on what you are doing and what else you are wearing. 


Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with a simple, plain white cotton ankle sock, or a black cotton ankle sock, depending on your color preference. However, you can mix and match styles and materials to suit your outfit and activities. If you are looking to add a splash of color to your outfit, other colored ankle socks are available. Or, you can wear polyester ankle socks when going to the gym. There are plenty of great options available for all occasions when choosing the best ankle socks.


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