What are crew necks


Crew necks are a versatile and practical choice for your wardrobe that offer style and comfort all year round. Ideal for smart casual occasions or leisure activities, crew necks are a vital component of any wardrobe. In this blog post, we will unpack what crew necks are and what distinguishes them from other neck link shirts. We will also dive into some tips and tricks on how to style them to best suit your taste and preference.


What are Crew Necks?


Crew necks are a type of shirt that features a round neckline that fits close to the neck without any additional collar. The neckline typically rests about an inch from the base of the neck, creating a flattering frame to highlight the face. Traditionally, crew necks were designed for athletics and used to keep athletes’ necks warm during activity. However, crew necks are now a wardrobe staple and come in different styles - fitted, relaxed or oversized.


What makes it different?


What sets crew necks apart from the other neck link shirts is a blend of style and function. Unlike collared shirts, crew necks have a clean and minimalistic design that gives them a casual and modern look. Also, they feature a rounded neckline that prevents distraction from the face, making them ideal for visualizing the upper body. Additionally, crew necks can be made from different fabrics, like cotton, wool, or blends that give you an array of texture and comfort options to choose from.


How to Style Crew Necks?


Crew necks are very versatile and can be styled in many different ways for different occasions. Here are some tips to help you style your crew necks for any occasion:


- Going Classic: Pair your crew neck with a simple pair of jeans and white sneakers, creating a timeless look for casual outings.


- Dress up: To dress up a crew neck, you can layer it with a blazer, trousers, and dress shoes. Add a pocket square for some added elegance.


- Accessorize: For a statement look, accessorize with either a statement necklace, a bold watch, or a scarf to complete your look.


- Go Sporty: For a sporty look, you can pair your crew neck with training leggings, joggers, or shorts, and running shoes.


- Stand Out: Add a bold or bright color to your crew neck when selecting your T-shirts. This will make you stand out in a crowd and grab attention.


In conclusion, crew necks are a wardrobe essential that have stood the test of time as a casual yet stylish fashion item. They are versatile and are available in different styles, colours and fabrics, making them suitable for any occasion. Crew necks are easy to style, affordable, and offer much-needed comfort and style in your daily life. Follow the tips and tricks we discussed above, and you will be on the path to mastering the art of crew neck style. Add some to your wardrobe today, and elevate your casual outfit collection!