what are crew socks

Not all socks are the same. That may seem obvious, but what is less obvious is what exactly distinguishes certain socks from others. Some socks, such as no-show or knee-high socks have names that are very self-explanatory.
Ankle socks seem straightforward as well, although there are two different lengths (high and low-cut) of ankle socks to choose from. 


Perhaps the most confusingly named sock style is the crew sock. Despite their popularity, very few people fully understand what a crew sock is, or how it got that name. So, what are crew socks? Here is a simple explanation of everything you might want to know about crew socks.

What Are Crew Socks?

There is no part of your leg called the “crew”. Unlike ankle or knee socks, crew socks are not named after the part of the leg that they cover. Instead, crew socks derive their name from military uniform regulations. In the U.S. Navy, all crew members on board a ship would receive a standard-issue uniform. This meant all garments, including socks, were the same size. “Crew socks”, therefore, become the common term to refer to the standard sock worn by the crew. It wouldn’t take long before this term entered the public vocabulary, becoming the default term for all mid-length socks. 


Of course, this does not mean that all crew socks today come in a single standard, uniform size. Crew socks are typically sold as a “one size fits most” product, but they are usually available in a range of sizes.

How Long Are Crew Socks?

Today, a crew sock is the intermediate style of sock between ankle socks and knee socks. If crew socks followed the naming conventions of other sock styles, they might be called “mid-calf socks”. There is also variety in crew sock lengths, with three general lengths available. They are: standard crew, micro crew, and ¾ crew. Micro crew socks are very close in length to high-cut ankle socks, but may be slightly longer. The ¾ crew socks ride to the lower calf, while standard crew socks should reach more to the middle or upper portion of the calf.

When To Wear Crew Socks

The great thing about crew socks is that there is a pair for all occasions. Crew socks come in all styles, including athletic, formal, and casual. You can even find a nice pair of thermal winter crew socks for staying warm on a cold day. Men and women can both wear crew socks, and they come in all sizes.


There are very few occasions where a pair of crew socks would not be acceptable. For formal outfits or work attire, a simple pair of black cotton crew socks is always acceptable. For a more casual look, the classic white cotton tube sock is durable, breathable, and comfortable in all weather.


But crew socks are versatile, and can be mixed and matched to suit any situation or outfit. Patterned crew socks can add a splash of color to your outfit, or to simply stay cozy on a cool day. Simply put, crew socks can be worn just about any time and anywhere.

What Are the Best Crew Socks to Wear?

The best sock to wear in any situation depends on a lot of things. The social setting, your outfit, your activity level, and the temperature are all important factors in choosing the right sock. Cotton crew socks are very popular because of how breathable the fabric is. Wool socks, on the other hand, are popular for hiking and cold-weather conditions because they are well insulated, and superior when it comes to keeping your feet dry.


And sometimes, the best crew sock to wear is simply a matter of matching the right sock to your outfit. As long as you choose a high quality pair of crew socks, you should be fine. To shop for quality socks in all styles, we recommend Yacht & Smith socks. Or browse Yacht & Smith's full inventory of socks and other garments for a wider range of products.

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