When I mention the cold months and winter season, what comes to mind? Is it seasonal images of the many holidays that happen between the months of October and March? Is it beautiful images of frost-covered trees and landscapes, or even the cold walkways of a busy, light-adorned city venue? Regardless of where our minds go, it’s undeniable that the winter season brings with it an abundance of potential beauty; however, with that much beauty, it also brings with it just as much discomfort.That is to say, it will be if you aren’t prepared. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of heated blankets: a staple for any Winter season as a quick and easy way to make sure you stay nice and warm while relaxing at home. A little less-known product, however, are heated socks. Hopefully, that’s gotten your mind wondering, “What are heated socks? Do they plug-in like a heated blanket? There’s no way that can be safe!” On the contrary, heated socks are an incredibly safe and reliable way to keep your feet warm during the cold months, and as we all know (or as all of our mother’s would love to remind us) you need to keep your feet warm, or else you’ll catch a cold! Or at the very least, be unable to enjoy the beauty of the winter season because you're too focused on cold-induced foot pain. Heated socks are a must-have for those cold winter nights. Growing up in the northern US, having what my mother called “a heated blanket for your feet” was a lifesaver. With colder weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start bulk buying warm socks for your business and your home, as you can never have too many socks. Especially heated ones!

Heated Socks vs. Thermal Socks: What’s the Difference?

When shopping for efficient foot protection and socks that will reliably insulate your feet as you walk around in the cold, it can be pretty easy to get confused, as there are two distinct options that you’ll inevitably find during your search. First, we have Heated Socks and then we have Thermal socks. While those terms seem practically synonymous with each other, they actually function in two drastically different ways!

Thermal socks are something you may have already heard of with the growing popularity of thermal products, especially from companies such as Under Armour or L.L. Bean (ya know, those companies for the masochistic nature-lovers looking to fight the cold). Thermal socks function by relying on your body’s natural heat. They take a longer time to gain temperature as you’ll need to move around to generate the heat they need, but they will ultimately make it much easier to store and retain any heat that your body might make.

This works in contrast to Heated socks which, similar to our beloved heated blankets, rely on an outside source for their heat production. They typically rely on a small, barely noticeable battery pack that helps to generate heat much quicker than their thermal counterparts. Now, a thought you might have is, “Do I really want a battery pack strapped to my ankle while I’m traipsing about in wet and snowy conditions?!” And you would be fair to think that. When I first learned about battery-powered heated socks, I had similar sentiments. The fantastic part is that they are completely safe and the packs are stored in waterproof environments. Heated socks are warmer socks by design.

Why Heated Socks vs Thermal Socks?

Both systems do what they say they do, and they do them efficiently. That cannot be denied. However, we need to take some things into consideration. If you’re going around with a pair of thermal socks, what do we do if we’re not doing anything that’s requiring a lot of body movement? Another thing that comes with the winter season is a lot of travel, maintaining comfort at work amidst chilly conditions, standing in long lines against our better judgement, and many other stationary activities that drive our modern society. I would even say that we’ll face more of those situations than those that require extensive movement. Even for those that require movement, we want a system that will get our feet warm and keep them warm without any time constraints. Reasons like this are why I definitely recommend investing in a good supply of heated socks, or else you'll have Jack Frost nipping at your toes as well!

I cannot say enough good things about heated socks. They truly are heated blankets for your feet. Knowing that humans lose the majority of their body heat through their feet, for all of your bulk heated sock shopping needs, visit WholesaleSockDeals.com