From Land’s End to Hot Topic, fleece throw blankets are taking over the market. It might seem odd that what seems to be a simple blanket is having such a huge impact on the fashion world, but they’re here and they are making their presence known. From their versatile material, environmental benefits, and ease of manufacturing, it would be more challenging to find a shopping selection without any mention of them! They can have designs, be officially licensed, and even come in many different formats. That leaves us wondering: what is a fleece throw? What makes them different from other fabrics and how could something so simple be leaving such a noticeable mark? It only takes a bit of digging to understand what gives the fleece throw blanket an edge on the fabric market. It has become a product that would give the Once-ler a run for their money. Not to mention, their eco-friendly processing would even make the Lorax smile! If you’re a fan of Dr. Suess, you’ll understand that reference.


Where did Fleece come from?


Fleece, despite its popularity, had surprisingly humble roots. Their inception will easily hook you in as much of it was inspired by Northern Atlantic fishermen of the early 1970s. A material called “wool pile” was found at a merchant shop and not to cast (see what I’m doing here?) any aspersions on the material, it was considered to be coarse, crude, and foul-smelling, as far as synthetic materials of the time went. The term “pile” refers to the raised surface textures, or loops, of a fabric. Good examples might be carpet or toilet seat covers of the time, which unironically were some of the earlier used fabrics found in jackets of the time.


Why Fleece?


At surface value, fleece might not seem like anything special, especially when you consider how much of a mainstay the material has become by 2021. While fleece throws have now become a standard item seen in almost any shopper’s Amazon Wishlist, the material itself is still relatively new (as far as textiles come). As a man-made product, synthetic fleece is affordable, warm, durable, and moisture resistant. It can easily be crafted into a myriad of forms, covering just about any type of outerwear that could be imagined. It’s even good to the eco-savvy environmentalists of the modern-day. Due to its synthetic nature, it can be made from discarded plastic, typically water or soda bottles, and many other reusable materials. It originated in the 1970s and rose to popularity in the 1990s, being used for everything from blankets to underwear for astronauts. When compared to wool (another popular fabric), there really is no comparison. While wool has been a highly prized textile material for thousands of years, it has finally met a common contender, which has hopefully given some of those little sheep a break. Fleece is softer, warmer, and frankly, less itchy. When compared side by side, fleece comes out on top, being a lighter, more breathable version of wool. And since it’s an animal-free product, it’s perfect for the vegan in your life.

The Anatomy of a Fleece Throw

Fleece throws are made of, as the name would imply, fleece. Fleece, as we know it today, is a synthetic, affordable, soft yet warm material that many high-end companies use to make their jackets. These are extremely soft and lightweight, making them easy to snuggle up with when you’re sitting on the couch and watching TV. Fleece is a personal favorite of mine; I keep an extra nice book-themed one on my armchair next to my bookshelf for all my cozy needs. They can be any size from extra small to extra-large and, as a gift, are a hit with all age groups.


Where to Buy Fleece Blankets

You can find where to buy fleece blankets in many places. Walmart, Target, L.L. Bean, and Home Goods all offer single blankets, ranging from under $15 to even over $100, depending on the price. If your goal is to buy fleece blankets in bulk, the best place to buy is from Wholesale Socks. They’re selling fleece blankets for as low as $3.86! Easily customizable to have words, designs, or your company’s logo, these are the perfect option for your small store or Etsy shop. Wholesale Socks Deals Offers Wholesale Socks Lots, Wholesale Bulk Socks Deals, Bulk Sock Closeouts At Lowest Wholesale Prices.