when is black friday 2023


Black Friday is one of the most important days of the year for retailers across America. Black Friday is a day for great deals and major sales events. But the exact date of Black Friday changes every year. Traditionally, Black Friday is held the day after Thanksgiving in America, but Thanksgiving’s date rotates each year. Thanksgiving is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday in November. That means Black Friday is typically held on the fourth Friday in November.

How Long Until Black Friday?

In 2023, Black Friday will be held on Friday, November 24th. If you are a retailer who’s looking to participate in Black Friday sales of your own, Wholesale Sock Deals has you covered.

Black Friday at Wholesale Sock Deals

For anybody looking for great deals on wholesale purchases this Black Friday, Wholesale Sock Deals is the place to look. WSD’s inventory includes everything from apparel to food to office supplies and toys. Our extensive warehousing and shipping infrastructure allows us to provide timely and affordable bulk order fulfillment anywhere in America. 


On a regular day, Wholesale Sock Deals is proud to offer great value deals on wholesale items in every category. On Black Friday, we strive to offer unbeatable wholesale deals for every customer. This allows retailers to enjoy even greater profit margins and consumers to get better deals than ever on bulk items.


Want to learn more about how Wholesale Sock Deals can help you this Black Friday? Here are a few of our top-selling categories of items that you can take advantage of this Black Friday.


Wholesale Sock Deals’ apparel inventory covers just about every category you can think of. Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes, including tops, pants, socks, formal wear, athletic wear, and everything in between. Clothes retailers can find their entire stock of items at Wholesale Sock Deals at great value wholesale prices. Specialized retailers can also find the unique items they need in our warehouses.


Apparel is a staple item for Black Friday deals because it’s always in demand. Everyone has at least a few items of clothing on their holiday shopping lists each year. Taking advantage of our Black Friday deals can help retailers enjoy higher profit margins around the holidays. But because apparel is in demand year-round, the savings potential is not just seasonal.


As our name implies, Wholesale Sock Deals has plenty to offer in terms of bulk sock deals. Socks are not all that WSD has to offer, but they are one of the most essential retail items out there. Socks are universally in demand all year round. They are also small, lightweight, and easy to both store and ship. Around the holidays, socks make the perfect stocking stuffer. But, again, socks are an item always in demand.


During the cold weather months, warm fuzzy socks are a top seller for every retailer. Everyone loves the feeling of a nice warm pair of socks on a cold day, so fresh new pairs of socks will always sell well. But other categories of socks are also in high demand. Athletic socks, hiking socks, formal socks, and plain cotton socks for everyday use are staple items. No matter what kind of socks you need, Wholesale Sock Deals has plenty to offer in terms of both value and variety.

Winter Clothes

Apparel is in high-demand 365 days per year. But one subcategory of apparel that is in particularly high demand around Black Friday is winter clothes. Black Friday falls right as the weather is beginning to turn frigid in most places. It’s also the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season when people are buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones. There is no better time of year to buy (and sell) winter clothes than around Black Friday and the holidays.


Wholesale Sock Deals’ supply of winter items is seemingly endless. Our warehouses contain something for every style and every winter activity. We sell accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves to help provide extra warmth on cold days. And, of course, essential items like winter jackets and socks are readily available too. Black Friday is a great time to stock up on winter clothing items. Buying those items in bulk at a discounted wholesale rate is even better.


The great deals at Wholesale Sock Deals are not limited to just Black Friday. Be sure to check out our great offers on bulk items any time of year for excellent savings