Are you ready to get formal? Wearing pantyhose underneath your outfit is a wonderful way to add some contour to your legs and some vintage sophistication to your skirt. If you're wondering when to wear pantyhose, don't worry, there are plenty of useful applications in style today!

Hosiery in general is defined as stockings, socks, and tights collectively, but you probably imagine the sheer fabric that covers both your legs and feet when you think of ‘pantyhose.’ 


Applications For Women’s Hosiery 

  • Colder adventures

If it’s chilly outside but you insist on being out in a cute skirt, don’t be afraid to break out the pantyhose. Some outfits don’t look as good with leggings of a regular thickness, and if this is the case, hosiery can save the day. They create an air of added formality in any outfit, so be prepared to earn yourself some extra fancy points.

  • Religious gatherings

Whether you’re headed to church, mass, or temple, it might feel just a little too informal to go bare-legged. Conservative environments are the perfect place for pantyhose. Black hosiery can give you some decent coverage, whereas something that matches your skin tone will be more subtle while still giving you the appearance of modesty. 

  • Fancy dinners or events

When you find yourself headed to a nice restaurant and you’ve got the perfect dress, hosiery can help keep you warmer and more comfortable as you wait for your meal. What if they seat you by the door? While we certainly hope it’s not the case, be prepared for the chance of any extra chilliness by wearing that extra layer of fabric between you and the outside world. 


When to Avoid Hosiery Tights

Hosiery is typically made with a blend of stretchy and soft materials like nylon, satin, lace, polyester, and sheer. While they’re useful in a variety of situations, there’s also some fashion etiquette you’d probably benefit from knowing, so keep these tips in mind too:

  • Don’t let yourself freeze

If you’re going anywhere in which you’ll be outside in very cold temperatures for extended periods of time, you may want to opt for something with a little more thickness. Hosiery can provide a lot in terms of aesthetics, but not quite as much in terms of protection. Don’t freeze out there, be mindful of the weather and your destinations when planning your outfits. 

  • Don’t go with an open toe 

Open-toed shoes and heels can look a little strange when you’re wearing pantyhose, so it’s generally regarded as a no-no. It’s best to go with something closed-toe, like pumps, flats, booties, or boots, just to keep the look clean and sophisticated as it should be. 

  • Don’t force crazy colors

If you’re wearing a brown dress and you go with bright green pantyhose, you run the risk of looking a little bit more like a tree branch than the vintage queen you are. Keep your colors in consideration when you’re getting dressed so you can make sure they’re complementary. Check tones before you get going for the evening, and if the occasion is important, it never hurts to get a second opinion. 


Buying hosiery in bulk is a great way to make sure you never go without it. The classic look isn’t going anywhere, so Wholesale Sock Deals can help you keep your inventory fully stocked. You can even add some serious flair to your dress with a look like these fishnet pantyhose. Hosiery fabric is commonly sheer, so there’s always the chance that it could tear somewhere along the lines. Most women appreciate the ability to have extra pairs in various colors and textures. 


Hopefully now you feel a little more confident in your knowledge of when to wear pantyhose, so you can rock any style with ease! Check out the many options for hosiery here, and never run out, no matter what life throws your way!