Where to buy pilates socks


Certain socks are better suited than others for certain activities. For instance, you wouldn’t wear a pair of thick thermal socks when going for a run. The type of sock you wear, its materials, texture, shape, and style should all be tailored to your activities. Choosing the right socks for an occasion is just as important as choosing the right shoes.


For the millions of people worldwide who practice pilates, finding the right socks can be tricky. Most regular socks don’t provide great traction. This can be a serious detriment when trying to stay composed during an intricate balancing exercise. So what qualities should pilates socks have? What are the advantages of wearing specially-made pilates socks, and where can you find them? Here’s what you should know if you’re wondering where to buy pilates socks.

What Are Pilates Socks?

Pilates is similar to, but distinct from, yoga. Both pilates and yoga are forms of exercise that focus on relaxing the mind while improving flexibility and core strength. A typical pilates workout will often involve maintaining difficult or agile postures to build strength and endurance. As such, pilates socks should be able to support the wearer’s balance. Pilates socks should also be lightweight, stretchy, and breathable. This way, they are comfortable and prevent the feet from overheating.

Why Wear Pilates Socks?


Of course, socks are not required to do pilates. It’s possible to perform a pilates workout with bare feet. However, wearing proper socks when doing pilates helps maintain stability and reduces the risk of injury. Socks can also keep your feet warm and improve circulation, which is a good thing to have during any workout.

Popular Choices for Pilates Socks


Pilates grip socks are a popular choice for those who prefer to wear socks while doing pilates. Grip socks for pilates are manufactured with rubber or silicon grips on the bottom to provide better traction. Ideally, pilates grip socks should have cushioned soles to provide better protection and comfort for the feet.


Pilates socks are typically made from lightweight materials for compression and breathability. Cotton, spandex, acrylic, and polyester are all common materials found in pilates grip socks. Cotton and polyester socks are both known for being highly breathable and cooling. Combining the two materials makes for a very lightweight, stretchy, and moisture-resistant sock, all of which are ideal for pilates.

Where to Buy Pilates Grip Socks?

While pilates grip socks are a fairly niche item, you can find them for sale in plenty of places. Both Walmart and Amazon sell an assortment of pilates socks in several different colors. You can also find great deals on bulk pilates grip socks right here at Wholesale Sock Deals.


These grip socks have several practical uses, and are not just limited to being “pilates socks.” Grip socks can be worn for yoga or any other form of stretching or balancing exercise. In addition, grip socks can also be used to provide support and stability to those who have trouble balancing on slick surfaces. With that said, if you are looking for proper footwear for pilates, it’s tough to beat these pilates grip socks.

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