Boot cuffs, also called boot toppers, are the best and most affordable way to decorate your favorite pair of boots or booties, regardless of their height. Sometimes, a good pair of shoes is just too small to comfortably allow for fuzzy socks, but you might still want the option to customize the tops of your boots. Boot cuffs allow you to do exactly this
and keep your calves warm with style. They’re essentially leg warmers with a little less length on them. If you really want to avoid the sweaty feet that sometimes come along with wearing thicker socks in boots, these will definitely come in handy. 

You’re going to love browsing through your options for customization, mix n’ matching, and tons of other options for your bulk order of boot cuffs. Whether you’re adding it to your vending table, gifting them to your girlfriends, or creating matching energy for a parade, you won’t be disappointed. There’s truly no easier way to add some spice to any simple outfit when boots are your chosen pair of shoes. 

Getting Crafty With Crochet Boot Cuffs

Rock this regal Victorian energy with some ruffled crochet cuffs! A couple of years ago, this look started to make a comeback in the form of regular leg warmers, and now it seems we’ve officially settled into the trend for good. The personalization that becomes possible with this adorable vibe is pretty wide in range. When you don’t have to commit to a whole sock, you can get really crafty with the cuffs and plan them to compliment your best outfits. Some styles will allow for some extra warmth in your legs while others will stay in style purely for decoration, so keep your needs and purposes in mind when you buy. 

A crochet boot cuff goes well with plain colored boots and smooth textures, as it emphasizes the ruffled look. They come in long and medium lengths, so be sure to keep the boots you’ll be wearing in mind when you plan. With a little extra flair and that handmade feeling you get from crochet, they’re sure to bring a gentle fanciness to your outfit, without making those boots fit way too tightly. They usually go with just about anything, so they’re great for most uniforms that routinely require boots. You’ll be keeping it subtle, while still creating a cozy vibe for your feet.

A Timeless Style 

Here’s a mini-history lesson for you: believe it or not, the idea of boot cuffs actually dates back to the seventeenth-century style boots that fold down on the top. Seen often on pirates, Halloween costumes, and old-school theater presentations, these classic boots created an iconic style that we’re definitely going to love for years to come. By 1605, tight-fitting boots were actually all the rage, mostly for men. They were commonly worn both full length and also folded down around the calf, which is where the boot cuff style originates from. These days, they’re clearly much gentler, but still remain a favorite among women. Now you know you’re rocking a little piece of history when you wear your favorite cuffs!  

Buying Wholesale Boot Cuffs 

Looking for a frilly flower on the side? Click here, we’ve got it. Looking for something simple? Try this. What about when you need the most variety? Here you go, try this! Upgrading your uniform is an easy task with the extra flare you can incorporate with a well-placed boot cuff. 

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