wholesale marketing strategies for ecommerce

As a business owner, you must know that a marketing strategy is essential for every business model. According to Henricks, when you have a plan, your business could grow by 30% more, and you could even double it with potential efforts.

When it is about B2B wholesale businesses, marketing is also essential because grabbing wholesale buyers’ attention is not easy. So in the case of a wholesale marketing strategy, choosing an effective one is the first step. Then try to apply them one by one.

In this article, we will try to give you an overview of wholesale marketing strategies for your eCommerce business. Using this marketing strategy, you can easily advertise your product in the B2B wholesale market.

What is the wholesale marketing strategy?

The term "wholesaler" refers to a specific distribution structure. In wholesale, a business owner sells products to retailers in bulk but at a low price.

A manufacturer or producer sells their product to a business that acts as a wholesaler. Then wholesalers sell that product to retailers. Retailers then sell that product under their brand name. To expand their customer base, wholesalers focus their marketing efforts on retailers. But why will retailers buy their products in bulk?

The success of a wholesale business depends on its marketing plan. It can be significantly enhanced by adopting a perfect wholesale marketing strategy. You can quickly increase your customer base by integrating your marketing and sales efforts. Create an effective marketing plan that is perfect for your customers.

9 Marketing Strategies For eCom Business

In the crowd of several marketing strategies, we are here to help you with the 9 most effective ones. 

  • Create A Strategy For Your Wholesale Business

  • Get into the International Market

  • Create a Website

  • Advertise Discounts and Deals

  • Think About Using Email Marketing

  • Establish a Profile on Various Social Media Platforms

  • Provide the Best Service Possible to Your Customers

  • Participate in a Variety of Business Expos

Strategy 1- Create A Strategy For Your Wholesale Business

There are several wholesale businesses; not everyone’s marketing strategies are the same. Your marketing strategy will be dependent on the product you sell.

Before jumping into a random marketing strategy, research the market and choose a few appropriate methods. For example, if you have a wholesale business selling t-shirts on an eCommerce platform like Shopify, your marketing strategy will differ from that of a businessman who sells shoes in bulk.

According to an excellent business plan, a business can create 30% more growth with an appropriate plan. So understand your business criteria before choosing a strategy.

Strategy 2-  Get into the International Market

Meeting the shipping deadline is hard when the market is too big, but it can help your business grow if you do it perfectly. Before entering a new market, focus on your local customer when doing wholesale business.

Your local customers can increase your sales significantly. And when you have confidence in your product locally, go to the international market to advertise it.

But if the International customer is your primary focus, then you must put some focus on shipping technique, or you can focus on free shipping.

Strategy 3-  Create a Website

Creating a website is another digital marketing tactic. All of your products can be seen here on your website. It might be more efficient if clients could place product orders straight from the website. You can put your company's logo and other details on your website.

According to Fit Small Business, it is estimated that 97% of all potential customers first hear about a company online. Obtaining prospect attention online via a well-organized website is the only option.

Moreover, having a website for your company is helpful since it facilitates product discovery for existing customers. However, a website can be used for content marketing and showing the data of satisfied customers. A rich blog section makes both prospects and existing customers trustworthy. Additionally, a showcase content section makes a business reliable.

With a well-organized website, all of these things are possible.

Strategy 4-  Advertise Discounts and Deals

When you have decided on your product, you can begin advertising and offering discounts. If you run a B2B wholesale business, offering additional discounts to retailers daily or weekly might help you attract new customers and move inventory more rapidly.

Discounts for large orders are a great way to entice businesses to make bulk purchases. To encourage customer loyalty, consider offering discounts to your regulars. A positive correlation exists between the frequency of a customer's purchases and their propensity to return.

According to the corporate executive board, 77% of B2B buyers prefer to conduct independent research before contacting a vendor. So, without communication, offering deals and discounts is a form of marketing that will capture their attention.

Strategy 5-  Make Personal Contact With Businesses

Visiting stores in person is a great way to gain more customers in your immediate neighborhood. An in-person meeting can help to get new customers. This is a practical idea to make your brand popular. 

Moreover, it helps the wholesaler and the customer connect. Customers' sales increase because they interact personally with someone from the company.

Strategy 6-  Think About Using Email Marketing

According to OptinMonster, the average ROI for email marketing campaigns is above $4400.

Email marketing allows you to contact current and potential customers easily and cheaply. Emails can be sent to prospective customers to introduce your business and its offerings. 

Emails are a great way to inform regular customers of impending sales or price reductions. It gives customers information in a format they can easily remember later. To increase the success rate of email marketing, follow an email listing process. 

Strategy 7- Establish a Profile on Various Social Media Platforms

One common digital marketing strategy is creating a profile on several social media platforms. Promoting seasonal deals, re-establishing contact with existing customers, and attracting new ones are all possible via social media. Your social media strategy can be made to fit the needs and interests of the people you want to reach.

One good example is having a live Q&A where customers may ask about products or shipping options. 

Using social media to talk with customers can lead to more repeat business and happy customers. 

Suppose you will be happy to know social media helps businesses in even a pandemic as well; when everyone is stuck in their home, only social media was there who kept connected people. So, you can assume how powerful social media marketing is.


Strategy 8- Provide the Best Service Possible to Your Customers

Ensure your consumers can access help when and where they need it, whether they're interacting with you online or not. 

Empower your sales and customer service staff to make the best decisions for the client base. Train them to do so in a friendly and professional manner. Credit card payments and account-based payments are both accepted.

Suppose you are offering a bulk ordering app to Shopify store owners. Then at first glance, it will not be understandable to anyone. You can build skillful support to solve the merchant’s queries in such cases. To provide top-notch service, you can train your staff professionally. 

B2B retailers and wholesalers are increasingly required to offer omnichannel sales and support. The customer service they receive from your company's sales team, website, and all other contact points should be consistent and pleasant.

Strategy 9- Participate in a Variety of Business Expos

According to Hill and partners, most attendees (74%) think talking to the exhibitors will increase their likelihood of purchasing the goods and services they're showing off.

Attending trade events can be a great way to meet new business partners, especially if you're in retail. 

Numerous opportunities to network with other wholesalers, talk to current customers and identify new ones that require your goods can be found at a trade fair. There is still value in attending a trade show, even if it doesn't result in any new business.

Bottom Line

A proper marketing strategy in a wholesale business market can greatly cut your struggle. If you wish to refrain from using any marketing plan, it can make you slower than your competitors. To grow your business significantly, follow out mentioned marketing strategies.