For the most part, the average person rarely considers buying items in bulk. There are very few reasons a single person needs ninety-six water bottles. But for large group situations, it’s different. Investing in team water bottles can be an expensive venture. 


Many sports or other team events have at least ten people on a team. At retail price, water bottles range anywhere from $10 to $30+ a bottle. That can be an extremely expensive purchase when bought for the whole team. Buying in bulk saves money and ensures you have several backups for later. Here are some reasons why buying water bottles in bulk is the best option. 

Custom Team Water Bottles

Whether it’s for a volunteer event or a sports season, having a little team spirit can be a boost to morale. Items like water bottles and t-shirts that are customized to your team are a great way to do this. Unfortunately, large orders at retail costs get expensive fast. You can offset this by asking each team member to buy the items from you. Though, the high prices might discourage your team members from purchasing. 


Buying in bulk means you can obtain items like water bottles for a fraction of the price per unit. Spending a little under two dollars per bottle instead of ten sounds much better, doesn’t it? These prices leave room for getting the bottles customized or doing it yourself. In the age of DIY, craft stores are teeming with ways to customize your team’s water bottles. Printable vinyl, paper labels, and more are available to help make your team’s bottles unique.


If you aren’t feeling crafty, there are plenty of people who make customization their business. With the cheaper bulk price, you can afford to spend money on paying someone to help out. Places like Etsy, Sticker Mule, and even Amazon offer personalized water bottle labels and stickers. Buying in bulk is a great way to ensure you can afford to customize team water bottles. Whether you do it yourself or have someone help, your team will love the effort that you invested. 

Team Water Bottle for Kids

Let’s be honest, kids lose stuff all the time. When running team events for kids, most of them are going to forget their water bottles at home or lose them somewhere. Having designated water bottles that stay with you, ensures kids have water when they need it. This way the bottles don’t get lost helping event runners and parents keep their sanity. 


Buying water bottles in bulk means you have one for every child. Put their name on the bottle and require them to leave it with you at the end of the day. When they come back the next day, you can have freshly rinsed and filled bottles ready for them. No more worries about bottles being left behind or lost. 


Buying in bulk is cheaper per unit than purchasing at retail prices. At the end of the season or event, you can send the water bottles home with each kid. You can do this without worrying about money loss and prices knowing you didn’t spend an exorbitant amount on them. 

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