8 Reasons People Choose Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles have become America’s favorite source of hydration. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are choosing refillable water bottles over plastic. Although avoiding the spread of unwanted germs and illnesses is a major upside to buying your own bottle, its benefits are countless. Here are 8 reasons why consumers are using reusable water bottles.

Buying Water Bottles in Bulk Saves the Planet

Hop on the reusable water bottle train for these great reasons:

  1. Reduces Plastic Waste and CO2 Emissions

It’s no secret that climate change is an ongoing threat to our planet. On average, Americans use 50 billion plastic water bottles1 per year. By purchasing a refillable water bottle, you can reduce plastic waste by an average of 156 plastic water bottles annually. If every American chose to go reusable instead of disposable - that would be pretty big.


Water bottles produce plastic waste and also produce harmful CO2 emissions. This greenhouse gas is one of the main culprits of climate change. Choosing a reusable water bottle puts a significant cut in the amount of plastic waste and CO2 emissions produced every year. Do yourself and the planet a favor, and buy your own water bottle.

  1. Helps You Save Money

Filling up a water bottle is always going to be cheaper than buying plastic ones. According to Business Insider2, bottled water costs $2,000 more than tap water. Buying packs of plastic water bottles takes a huge toll on both your wallet and the planet alike. A family of four can save $1,236 a year3 if they choose to use refillable water bottles instead of plastic. Instead of spending excess money on plastic water bottles, put that money toward something more valuable.

  1. Better Quality Water

Did you know that the water quality in reusable water bottles is significantly better than in plastic? The type and quality of water we drink matters. Water quality4 refers to the condition of the water we drink. This includes its chemical, physical, and biological characteristics. 

A common misconception is that plastic water bottles contain purer water. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Bottled water contains thousands of microplastics5, which are tiny bits of plastic that have contaminated our water streams. Most refillable water bottles have a built-in filtration system, meaning you’re totally in control of the water quality. Say goodbye to drinking plastic, and hello to fresh, clean water!

Cheap Water Bottles in Bulk: Save Money, Your Body, and the Earth

Refillable water bottles are better for the planet, your health, and your wallet. Reusable cheap water bottles in bulk are great for several reasons:

  1. Helps You Avoid Chemical Contaminants

Similar to better water quality, you can also avoid chemical contaminants by using reusable water bottles. Studies6 have shown that bottled water contains biologically contaminated water. This means that plastic water bottles may contain the presence of organisms or bacteria. This can harm both your body and the planet in the long run.

The consumption of chemical contaminants is shown1 to have negative effects on your health. This includes gastrointestinal issues, nervous system issues, harmful reproductive effects, and may even cause cancer.

  1. They’re Fun and Customizable 

Not only are reusable water bottles great for the planet, but they also look cool, too! You can customize your water bottle with stickers, lanyards, different colors, styles, and so much more! You can make your water bottle completely your own, so you never mistake yours for someone else’s ever again.

  1. They Keep Water Colder for Longer

Nobody enjoys drinking lukewarm water, and most plastic water bottles don’t stay cold for very long. Some refillable water bottles even keep your water cold for as long as 24 hours! Never sip on room-temperature water again when you have a reusable water bottle.

  1. Some Bottles Show The Amount You’ve Drank

If you want to pay more attention to the amount of water you drink per day, some reusable water bottles can help

  1. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle By Drinking More Water

Drinking water is a vital part of keeping a healthy lifestyle. The amount of water you should drink a day depends on your background, health history, and overall lifestyle. Generally speaking, the recommended7 intake is 15.5 cups a day for men and 11.5 cups a day for women. It’s a good idea to keep track of the amount of water you’re drinking, especially if you want to make healthier choices.

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